Icarvision IVMS

Icarvision IVMS
Manufacturer: ICARVISIONS
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Number of units

Supported in Wialon:
  • Live stream
  • Manual video saving
  • Playback

The following data should also be added to Icarvision IVMS unit properties section of Wialon GPS tracking software :

Device type: Icarvision IVMS
Unique ID: custom

Specify the following parameters in configuration software or configuration Icarvision IVMS for use in Wialon Hosting :

Server port: 21975

361 units of Icarvision IVMS device type are connected to Wialon Data Center. This represents 1.35% of all Video monitoring connected.

Below chart represents the dynamic of connections in the last 30 days:

Parameter name Description Units

1: Custom alarm
2: Emergency button alarm
3: vibration alarm
4: Video lost alarm
5: Camera blocking alarm
6: Illegal door opening alarm
7: Three password error alarm
8: Illegal ignition alarm
9: Temperature alarm
10: Hard disk error alarm
11: OverSpeed alarm
12: Cross-border alarm
13: Abnormal switch door alarm
14: Parking too long alarm
15: Motion detection alarm
16: ACC ON alarm
17: MDVR online
18: GPS signal lost alarm start
19: IO_1 Alarm start
20: IO_2 Alarm start
21: IO_3 Alarm start
22: IO_4 Alarm start
23: IO_5 Alarm start
24: IO_6 Alarm start
25: IO_7 Alarm start
26: IO_8 Alarm start
27: Alarm start in the area
28: Alarm start out of the area
29: High speed alarm start in the area
30: High speed alarm start out of the area
31: Low speed alarm start in the area
32: Low speed alarm start out of the area
33: Park alarm start in the area
34: Park alarm start out of the area
35: Fire alarm
36: Robber Alarm
37: Scheduling task completion
38: Image upload completed
39: Hard disk 1 does not exist
40: Hard disk 2 does not exist
41: IO_9 alarm start
42: IO_10 alarm start
43: IO_11 alarm start
44: IO_12 alarm start
45: GPS Invalid
46: Refule
• AlarmInfo as the amount of fuel for refueling(9999: 99.99L),Param[0]as fuel consumption before refueling
47: fuel stolen
• AlarmInfo as the fuel capacity of fuel stolen(9999: 99.99L),Param[0]as fuel consumption before fuel stolen: hw2013/7/29
48: Emergency button alarm(5seconds)
• AlarmInfo indicates alarm level: 0 - none; 1 - level one alarm; 2 - level two alarm; 3 - level three alarm; 4 - attention level alarm
49: Fatigue Driving
51: Custom alarm
52: Emergency button alarm
53: vibration alarm
54: Camera no signal alarm
55: Camera blocking alarm
56: Illegal door opening alarm
57: Three password error alarm
58: Illegal ignition alarm
59: Temperature alarm
60: Hard disk error alarm
61: overSpeed alarm
62: Cross-border alarm
63: Abnormal switch door alarm
64: Parking too long alarm
65: Motion detection alarm
66: ACC OFF alarm
67: MDVR Offline
68: GPS Signal lost alarm end
69: IO_1 Alarm End
70: IO_2 Alarm End
71: IO_3 Alarm End
72: IO_4 Alarm End
73: IO_5 Alarm End
74: IO_6 Alarm End
75: IO_7 Alarm End
76: IO_8 Alarm End
77: Alarm End in the area
78: Alarm end out the area
79: Overspeed alarm end in the area
80: Overspeed alarm end out of the area
81: Low Speed alarm end in the area
82: Low Speed alarm end out of the area
83: Park alarm end in the area
84: Park alarm end out of the area
91: IO_9Alarm End
92: IO_10Alarm End
93: IO_11Alarm End
94: IO_12Alarm End
• AlarmInfo Indicate alarm level
• 0,none,1 level one alarm
• 2 level two alarm,3level three alarm,
• 4Attention alarm,99: Fatigue alarm
101: Parking Event
• Param[0]parking seconds,Param[1]as fuel consumtion before parking(9999: 99.99L)Param[2]Fuel consumption after parking
102: Parking non-extinguishing event
• The Parking non-extinguishing event is generally belong to a period of time in the parking event e.g.:11:00-11:20 In Parking11:00-11:05 In Pakring is not extinguished
103: Traffic
• Param[0]as current time(Unit Second, e.g.:7206: Daytime02:06H)
• Param[1]as Upstream traffic
• Param[2]as downstream traffic
104: Refuel
• AlarmInfo as refueling amount of fuel(9999: 99.99L)
• Param[0]as fuel consumption before refueling
105: Fuel stolen
• AlarmInfo as fuel amount of stolen fuel (9999: 99.99L)
• Param[0]as fuel consumption before stolen
106: Overspeed event
• AlarmInfo as speed(999: 99.9KM/H)
• Param[0] the time of overspeeding
• Param[1] as overspeed types(Super high speed or ultra low speed, temporarily invalid)
107: In/Out Reginal Event
• Param[0] Regional number
• Param[1] out regional longitude
• Param[2] out regional latitude
• Param[3] Regional residence time(Second)
108: In/Out Reginal Event
• Param[0]Regional number
• Param[1]out regional longitude
• Param[2]out regional latitude
• Param[3]Regional residence time(Second)
151: Night Driving Alarm
152: Night Driving Alarm
113: Passenger ticket(custom alarm)
155: UPS Trimming alarm
156: UPS Trimming alarm end
157: HDD over temperature alarm
158: HDD over temperature alarm End
• alarmInfo as Hard disk number
• param[0] HDD type
• param[1] HDD temperature
159: Front Panel Pried Alarm
160: Front Panel Pried Alarm end
161: Shutdown Report
166: SIM card lost alarm start
167: SIM card lost alarm end
168: UPS lost alarm start
169: UPS lost alarm end
170: MDVR non-recording alarm start
171: MDVR non-recording alarm end
172: Humidity alarm start
173: Humidity alarm end
201: Pre-alarm
202: Module Error
203: Antenna non-connected
204: Antenna short-circuit
901: Meter Error
902: Service evaluator Erroe
903: LED Panel Error
904: Secure module Access Error
905: LED Headlight Eror
906: Continuous driving timeout
907: Driving time insufficient/too long
908: Forbidden road Driving
909: Vehicle Speed Sensor Error
910: Smart terminal storage abnormal


Identifier for the camera device capturing the data.


Incident identifier or number.


Identifier for a specific event or occurrence.


Specifies the type of video content, which can be one of the following:

  • video/rtmp: Real-Time Messaging Protocol (RTMP) video stream.
  • video/mp4: MPEG-4 video format.


License plate identification number.


Distance traveled by a vehicle.


Fuel level of a vehicle.


Indicates whether a device is connected to the internet.


Uniform Resource Identifier (URI) for a video.

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