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Alpha is an IoT data management and system integration platform, which consults and receives telemetry data, processes and transmits it, thus providing the management and maintenance of all the services you require in one place.

Alpha is the first integration management and IoT services platform, where the user can, in a matter of minutes, transmit their messages to the integrated platforms and services. It has a backend specially designed to manage integrations and process data in high volumes and in real time. To activate an integration, the user only needs to register in the system and follow the steps to activate the desired streaming service, without requiring a developer. The system has a free tier of up to 4 units to test the integrations without financial commitments, and the implementation costs are standardized.

By centralizing services, we managed to achieve economies of scale with the highest quality and transmission standards, with unit costs of just pennies. In the event that the requested integration is not available, the client sends the document and our team performs the integration at no cost.

With Alpha, we have managed to reduce entry barriers for the integrations segment, allowing the community to compete on equal terms


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