ATI Driver App


ATI Driver is a free fleet GPS tracking service developed by the ATI.SU freight exchange portal. The solution is designed for drivers, freight owners, carriers, and logisticians. It provides two ways to track the vehicle’s location:

  1. Via a tracker installed on the vehicle and integrated with Wialon. A user can log in through their Wialon Hosting and Wialon Local account.
  2. With the ATI Driver free app installed on a driver’s smartphone. The application is available on Google Play.

The solution offers the following advantages for drivers:

  • keeping the addresses and coordinates of loading and unloading points in a single app;
  • storing contacts of persons in charge of loading and unloading;
  • sending the order status to the logistician without making a call;
  • sending documents to the logistician’s ATI.SU account;
  • communicating of all parties in a secure messenger;
  • sending the user’s location to the customer.

Freight owners, carriers, and logisticians enjoy the following benefits:

  • all information is stored in a single app;
  • a freight owner no longer needs to make a call to a logistician;
  • a whole route is displayed on the map online.


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Language support

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