АВM Rinkai TMS App

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ABM Rinkai TMS is a SaaS-based solution for automated last mile logistics management. It creates routes for 4,000+ vehicles and 100,000+ deliveries daily. The system automatically generates routes, considers more than 15 restriction types and reduces costs. You can use the program to reduce the human factor, improve delivery service, and provide full and thorough control over your fleet. ABM Rinkai TMS enables a single logistician to effectively manage up to 10 warehouses.

ABM Rinkai Routing ensures:

  • efficient route planning for local deliveries;
  • planification that considers multiple factors: vehicle, warehouse, and customer characteristics;
  • reduction in the number of vehicles by 7-12% and decrease in transportation costs by 12-15%, including a subscription fee to the solution.


  • Estonia Estonia
  • Kazakhstan Kazakhstan
  • Ukraine Ukraine

Language support

  • Czech Czech
  • French French
  • Polish Polish