checkNshare App

checkNshare is available in both mobile and web versions and allows the company employees to book a vehicle for business purposes. The vehicle can be booked with a driver or for self drive, for now/in advance and in any combination of these parameters.

The solution offers the option to book a vehicle from a pool of vehicles while maintaining a great level of control over their utilization and usage transparency. It gives a simplified end-to-end experience, from booking to billing, all while keeping control and visibility of the entire fleet.

checkNshare benefits:

  • Statistics for fleet managers that enables savings by increasing efficiency;
  • Improved internal accounting, which leads to a whole new level of understanding of operational costs;
  • Managing accounting and internal charging of the vehicle usage;
  • Higher level of customization.

The app customisation means that the app can be used in cases where vehicles with drivers are required to be used for tasks/jobs on behalf of an individual or department with the cost attributed to the particular requestor.


  • United Arab Emirates (UAE) United Arab Emirates (UAE)

Language support

  • English English
  • French French
  • Spanish Spanish