Eccocar App

ECCOCAR Sharing, S.L.

ECCOCAR is a white label application for car rental agencies, companies, dealers, and urban mobility operators willing to launch their shared mobility projects and make a positive impact on the environment.

  • The app allows end users to reserve a vehicle, access it, and pay for the service. If it’s a connected car, the user doesn’t even need keys to open the door and start the car.
  • The administration panel for vehicle/fleet managers facilitates the process of monitoring reservations, users, billing, etc.

The app is based on Wialon and relies on its geolocation functionality and the geofence feature. The devices are connected via flespi.
ECCOCAR features two intuitive modes that adapt to each client’s needs:

  • for short one-way journeys when a vehicle stays within the geofence;
  • for long trips when a vehicle is rented for several days.

The scope of application of ECCOCAR:

  • rental agencies: digitalization of the traditional rental car option;
  • urban transport systems: creating a versatile sustainable mobility model for a city, with options such as cars, motorcycles, bikes, or electric scooters;
  • dealers: shared mobility solutions for dealerships and maximum cost savings;
  • fleet: building efficient company’s mobility in urban environments.


  • Germany Germany
  • Spain Spain

Language support

  • English English
  • Spanish Spanish
  • French French