EPORT is a 1-5PL delivery ecosystem where cargo manufacturers, fleet owners and managers, logistics operators, and drivers cooperate to deliver goods fast and cost-efficiently.

  • Fleet owners add transport and drivers to the system. These assets make up EPORT’s vehicle & driver database used by logistics operators. The platform makes these fleets work, bringing more income to their owners.
  • Cargo owners place transportation orders, quickly find logistics partners at the best rates, and track the delivery progress throughout the logistics chain.
  • Logistics operators receive orders, find the best-suited transport, initiate trips, and manage them online. Moreover, EPORT helps them ensure a full cargo load and generate the most cost-efficient routes, minimizing logistics costs for all parties.
  • Large organizations with sub-units, working with multiple logistics operators and fleets, will have access to hybrid functionality. These companies will place and receive orders, assign them to vehicles, and manage trips in a single account.
  • 3-4PL companies can access KPI dashboards, showing dynamically updated order statistics, vehicle usage analytics, and business insights, like cost vs. revenue or day-to-day order quantity.
  • EPORT mobile app brings order details to drivers’ fingertips, navigates them to delivery points, and ensures first-hand cargo status updates.

After each trip, EPORT automatically generates billing and shipping documents, like invoices, waybills, manifestos, and reports, based on trip data and contracts in the system.

In the end, logistics operators find carriers. Carriers find customers. Customers get advanced logistics services backed by the latest IoT and telematics technologies.


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