Uber-like corporate transport management service. Organizes corporate transport in a single interface for staff, transport managers, dispatchers, and drivers.

  • Transport requests. GOFER ensures that every employee gets the vehicle on time and stays in contact with managers during business trips.
  • Vehicle assignments. GOFER finds a suitable vehicle, books it for the requested date/time, and offers car-sharing options if several employees move in one direction.
  • Payments to drivers. GOFER automates payments to drivers based on actual mileage in trips, driving hours or number of requests.
  • Analytics for managers. GOFER offers detailed reports on transport utilization rate, cost-efficiency per business ride, and helps to reveal corporate transport abusers.
  • Service structure. GOFER organizes all service elements – users, transport catalogs, requests, approvals, and billing documents – and makes them available in one click.

Use the solution to understand employees’ activities outside the office better and ensure that they never miss an appointment due to transport problems.


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