Fleet Edge Master App

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Fleet Edge Master is a complete tool set of fleet management and tracking for fleets of any size. Its 11 modules rely on Wialon GPS tracking system and enable operators and business owners to plan, manage and operate their fleet resources, including:

  • Fleet Management for planning a route and assigning a driver or a vehicle;
  • Missions Planning and follow-up, for selecting a route and tracking a vehicle with a system of checkpoints and notifications,
  • Transportation Orders Management used for logistics and delivery services;
  • Vehicles Tracking that monitors drivers and vehicles and collects their performance data in reports;
  • Staff Tracking mobile app that tracks fleet staff, assigns missions and ensures communication on the route and in the field;
  • Smart Monitoring of vehicle Ecosystem that connects to sensors and controls cargo temperature, weight, access control, etc.
  • Fleet Assets Management for financial and accounting management;
  • Fleet Regulations Monitoring to ensure compliance with laws and regulations;
  • Fleet Workshop Management that takes care of vehicle maintenance and repairs;
  • Fleet Business Intelligence and Reports Generator analyzes data coming from vehicles and creates reports;
  • Public Transportation helps plan bus stops and timetable scheduling.

Fleet Edge Master could be deployed:

  • as Software as a Services (SaaS);
  • on-premise.

To start using the system, the customer can acquire a server-based Wialon Local version or connect remotely to the cloud-based Wialon Hosting.


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Language support

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