LanbillingX App


LanbillingX is an online billing service that automates invoicing and payment control.

The service allows Wialon partners to:

  • сalculate the cost of subscription services for a fixed number of monitoring objects or only for active objects on a monthly/daily basis;
  • automate access provision to the Wialon platform depending on the client’s payment. LanbillingX blocks an account unless the invoice is paid and unblocks it upon receipt of payment;
  • include additional services in a single customer invoice;
  • provide convenient payment methods to clients (Internet acquiring, payment systems);
  • create and send invoices in bulk;
  • send payment reminders and notify when access to the platform is eventually blocked;
  • offer personal discounts;
  • upload data on charges and payments to 1C.

LanbillingX will help to reduce a number of errors in settlements with clients, as well as save time for managers.


  • Armenia Armenia
  • Azerbaijan Azerbaijan
  • Cambodia Cambodia

Language support

  • English English
  • Russian Russian