SpeedGauge App

SpeedGauge® is a data analytics company focused on changing driver behavior through analytics and manager coaching. We help motivate drivers, empower managers, and provide accountability for executives – potentially lowering insurance premiums along the way. Adding a SpeedGauge subscription increases per vehicle revenue for Wialon partners.

The SpeedGauge Safety Center® is our flagship service which includes the following features:

  1. Standard Edition – resellers provide their fleet customers with our analytics to measure their driver’s behavior with charts, trending, incident reports, and coaching. Our proprietary Posted Speed Limit database is built specifically for the transportation industry and gets updated daily.
  2. Manager’s Edition - all of the above plus near real-time speeding email alerts.
  3. SpeedGauge DriverApp – an innovative self-help tool, the DriverApp brings transparency and insights between drivers and managers. Drivers can view yesterday’s performance so they can make better decisions today.
  4. SpeedGauge Insurance Services – offered to fleets by agents and brokers, our behavior-based insurance programs directly link a fleet’s driving performance to predictive metrics that help lower premiums. Participation requires telematics, presenting a new sales channel and upsell opportunities for telematics, cameras, and other reseller product offerings for Wialon partners.

Make Safety Pay with SpeedGauge!



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