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27 June, 2017
Anna Glonassova

Everyday solutions by Gurtam ensure a cost-saving performance and a better efficiency of businesses worldwide. The ability to track 300+ monitoring parameters and an open API for the integration with the third-party solutions allow Wialon to address almost every challenge on the market. Taking the lead in real-time tracking, fuel management and telematics data analysis we also have a strong focus on road safety.

Gurtam offers iDriveSafe and Eco Driving modules for a strict driver behavior control and for building up a flexible assessment model based on various criteria and customizable parameters. The solutions allowed numerous companies to team up only high-class drivers that propel businesses to the next level.

Better safe than sorry

To keep all drivers safe instead of sorry, we have already implemented speeding detection based on fixed custom limits or limits from roads. To reflect those restrictions even more accurate we turn to our technology partners.

Having the platform with an open API and the desire to relieve our clients from traffic tickets we have integrated Wialon with the SpeedGauge Safety Center service, adding maximum precision to speed limits information on the roads worldwide.

SpeedGauge allows fleets to manage and control vehicle speed - the number one factor affecting safety and fuel economy - and is designed as a value added service for telematics solutions providers. 


Keeping you posted on every speed change

Wialon users get accurate data on a unit’s speed and have multiple ways to control it: set a general speed limituse those established by GIS providers, or specify custom speed limits for separate road segments.

We constantly improve Gurtam Maps and actualize information on speed limits. With partners operating in more than 130 countries tracing every minor change in the required speed may become a challenge. There are professionals specialized in providing solutions for that kind of tasks. 

SpeedGauge is here to help!SpeedGauge receives accurate telematics data acquired from Wialon tracking system via API and provides a comprehensive speed limit everywhere the end-user’s fleet may operate. A combination of Wialon and SpeedGauge allows you to save time on system configuration while still being aware of even minor speeding events. The new service provides exact road speed limit information from multiple GIS-services providers, and much, much more. 

LiveActivityFeedSpeedGauge employs a dedicated team of map analysts who work proactively to keep the maps up-to-date, as well as implementing “crowd-sourcing” approach. That means everyone from dispatching drivers to local transportation authorities can become a source of valuable information and boost research activities of in-house specialists. Every request is thoroughly verified by SpeedGauge’s map editors before being deployed.

After the speeding is detected you can cross reference an event with a map and with data in Wialon. 

As with Wialon, speeding detection is very flexible. SpeedGauge allows to create custom limits and geofences to override road speed limits, so the service is also applicable when operating in production sites and unmapped locations, or when there’s a speed limit stipulated by company policy.

Thus, with SpeedGauge you get data from Wialon combined with the accurate speed limits information in a simple and intuitive interface. Moreover, possessing large volumes of data you’ll hardly have to study it as the service notifies the users (fleet safety staff, drivers or anyone else required) through various channels and provides scheduled or instant web-based reports. 


For businesses globally

The service is available worldwide with many clients operating in the North America, Europe and Australia, so the Wialon community represented in 130+ countries may start using SpeedGauge with no delays. As a system integrator you know what the end-user wants and can provide it by controlling a single driving style criteria:

  • Savings on traffic tickets
  • Reduced fuel costs
  • Enhanced cargo safety 
  • Prolonged vehicle life
  • Better insurance rates
  • Improved safety ratings
  • Elimination of habitual speeders

With SpeedGauge, Gurtam partners can offer end-users instant access to a high quality proprietary speed limit/road risk database, the user-friendly speed trend reporting, and the experience of a global mapping community. 

Group Comparison ChartIn addition to the reporting, SpeedGauge comes with a dedicated team to help the customers get everything set up and running. Free training and implementation consulting are provided at no additional cost. The SpeedGauge team is proud of the excellent customer service. They work hard to ensure that everyone gets the maximum value out of the Safety Center service!

Being an add-on paid service, SpeedGauge enhances the already powerful GPS tracking capabilities provided by Wialon. Increase sales to clients focused on road safety and ensure the accountability and the transparency for drivers and fleet managers with SpeedGauge.

The effectiveness of the service is highlighted by numerous success stories with outcomes including improved driver safety and awareness, operational cost-saving, reduced violations.

To be truly superior you have to work with the best.

That’s why SpeedGauge is eager to partner with Wialon integrators to help better service customers and to make sure everyone benefits from the partnership. So contact Jonathan Hubbard, SpeedGauge CEO at +1 415 812 6847 or to get started and know no limits except for those on the road!Learn more at

Anna Glonassova
Anna Glonassova
Anna is the jack-of-all-trades in the Gurtam marketing team. She is involved in all activities, from communicating with Wialon partners on social media to streaming live community events.


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