Wialon and BI analytics integration App


A solution by UMT is designed for FMCG distributors and manufacturers. It helps calculate actual shipping costs for each delivery point, product group, and individual delivery. The product also helps estimate the service level at delivery points.

The analytics module is integrated with three other systems, from where it collects data for analysis:

  • Wialon: actual mileage, fuel consumption, confirmation of the point visits;
  • ERP: volume, weight, and a product group delivered to each point, cost of goods, size of the wage fund, operating costs per 1 km;
  • Network of filling stations (optional): the amount of fuel given to each car according to fuel cards.

With the module, a user can:

  • evaluate actual shipping costs with a breakdown by each parameter;
  • include delivery costs in a final price for a product group, a customer, and a geographical location;
  • obtain proof of actual delivery costs in a dispute with a supplier, a customer, or internally;
  • identify unprofitable and profitable customers;
  • change and update delivery routes based on real data;
  • evaluate the level of service at delivery points: frequency of delays, at what time goods are delivered on average, how much time is spent on unloading, what is the temperature inside the cargo compartment, etc.


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Language support

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