Wialon and ERP system integration App


The solution allows a user to monitor online how a driver is executing an order in the interface of an enterprise ERP system. In case of deviations from the route, the service immediately informs a user about it, calculates an eventual delay to the unloading point and updates the schedule.

Upon a task completion, an ERP system displays the planned and actual order fulfillment results:

  • mileage;
  • the sequence of visiting points;
  • the number of visited points;
  • timeliness of visits and unloadings at each point;
  • the number and mileage of deviations;
  • temperature in the refrigerator at each unloading point.

The application automates and simplifies route monitoring. The solution also helps reduce costs by minimizing overruns and unscheduled vehicle downtime at loading and unloading points. Additionally, a carrier can promptly react to any deviations from the route to avoid delays, extra costs, and customer dissatisfaction.

The solution is best suited for food distributors with static routes and long-distance carriers.


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Language support

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