Wialon Local 2204

This year Wialon Local 2204 has been empowered with a wide array of new features. Please check some key upgrades below. To learn more, don’t hesitate to download the list of new optimizations.

Administration system

The new version includes additional tools for the system protection against cyber attacks. The tools will improve the work of your customer's security department.

Monitoring system

Reports are getting more detailed, so that now you can track even the most specific parameters. The notification system has also been improved to minimize a number of false alerts.

We also added the unit types library. It contains the names of all vehicle types. Now you don’t have to come up with your own terms. All you need to do is select the one you need from the library. Wialon Local automatically suggests the appropriate vehicle type as soon as you start typing it. You can also view the last indicated vehicle types and select the suitable one.

Local delivery management with Wialon

The niche solution for the local delivery management, also known as Logistics, has become more convenient and precise. Wialon Local 2204 features improved request processing tools, new types of notifications, and more efficient route planning algorithm. We’ve also redesigned a number of tabs and windows.

Update your Wialon Local to get access to the new functionality. To do this, please contact your personal manager or write to us at sales@gurtam.com.

Here you can download the full list of the Wialon Local 2204 new features and upgrades.