Wialon Local 2304

More than 30 new tools and settings have become available to the users of Wialon Local 2304, an updated version of the Wialon server-based solution. In this year’s release, the important changes have been introduced in all three components of the system — find out about some of them on this page. We have compiled all the features and upgrades with a detailed description of each of them in a traditional checklist below.

Administration system

Earlier, Wialon Local could be installed on physical servers only. Local 2304 became the first version of the system that can also be installed on Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud servers. It gives the opportunity to use the solution without additional costs for the purchase and maintenance of server hardware.

Management system

The functionality for the map service provider integration and configuration has been moved from the administration system to CMS Manager. Having the tools for working with maps always at hand, managers will use them more efficiently.

In order to improve data security, we introduced new password requirements in the Wialon server version. We have also added an Advanced configuration of access rights service, and when it is disabled, the users can see only access rights templates without a table with detailed settings.

Monitoring system

Reports and analytics visualization has become easier — all because we have improved and added a number of charting tools.

Wialon Local 2304 now works correctly with the devices and sensors connected to them that send messages more often than once per 1 second. The system interface has become more intuitive to use, thanks to the updated UX/UI design. In addition, we have significantly expanded the functionality of the Router, developed a new validation logic for input fields, added a new message type, and much more.

All the functionality will be available to Wialon Local users who upgrade the system to version 2304. To do this, contact your Partner Success Manager or write to sales@gurtam.com.