How to choose the best GPS tracking device for car loans

10 July, 2023
Aliaksandra Makarevich

When car dealers choose to venture into a leasing industry, they better be prepared for more profits — and more risks. If a customer defaults on their payments and disappears with a car, a dealership loses both money and the asset.

Luckily, telematics service providers offer software solutions that help mitigate those risks. Some of them, such as LeaseControl by Gurtam, are specifically tailored to car loan and vehicle leasing businesses. They assist in the event of non-payment or another risky scenario. How do they work? First, the solution quickly locates the asset. Second, it blocks the engine and prevents the vehicle from being driven away.

To locate and block leased cars, vehicle lease management software needs reliable GPS trackers. Which trackers are the optimal choice for the Buy Here Pay Here (BHPH) auto market? Let’s find out.

What to look for in a Buy Here Pay Here tracking device

The main feature of a GPS tracking device for car loans is its ability to block the car’s engine. Car blockage remains the most effective way to protect an asset in the event of payment defaults or unauthorized use of a vehicle. With a Buy Here Pay Here GPS tracker installed, a car dealer can remotely stop a vehicle with the click of a button.

Also, we’d suggest taking other factors into consideration as well when selecting a GPS tracker for subprime auto business.

  • Affordable price. When you work with used vehicles, you want to keep costs as low as possible, don’t you? It would be wise to choose an affordable GPS tracking device for car loans that won’t add extra costs to your services. After all, that’s all about competitiveness. 
  • Simple installation. We’d suggest choosing devices that are easy to set up and start working immediately. This way, an asset can be put up for sale as soon as possible without any unnecessary delays.
  • Reliable connectivity. After the car leaves the dealership, the dealer wants to maintain control over it until the final payment is received. That's why they require 24/7 data on the vehicle's location. GPS trackers that support multiple connectivity options are more reliable, because they can switch between Wi-Fi and IoT networks, and cell towers depending on availability. This ensures asset tracking in any area, including remote or rural locations.
  • Efficient remote management. When a customer misses their payment, and the situation fails to be resolved through a phone call, a solution like LeaseControl comes into play. It sends a command to a GPS tracker to cut off the engine. Although 2G and 3G networks are being gradually shut down, many GPS trackers rely on GPRS as it is still widely available. However, more and more dealers prefer to have backup options such as SMS remote management, for example. This provides control over leased vehicles in areas where GPRS is unavailable.

We’ve compiled a list of several GPS tracking devices that meet all these criteria and can be used in the subprime auto business niche. Please note that the list is not exhaustive. If you’re a telematics service provider and want to learn more, please contact your Partner Success Manager.

If you run an auto dealership and want to implement a vehicle control solution, please fill in a request form or send us an email at

Teltonika FMB920

The Teltonika FMB920 is a popular GPS tracker from the Lithuanian manufacturer. The device immobilizes a vehicle remotely, works with digital and analogue-to-digital conversion (ADC) sensors, and supports GPS and location-based services (LBS). Its simplicity saves users from unnecessary functionalities unrelated to vehicle lease management software. An affordable price makes the device widely adopted among auto dealerships.

Learn more about Teltonika FMB920

Concox GV20

This is another affordable Buy Here Pay Here tracking device. Its functionality has all the necessary features including remote car blockage through GPRS and SMS and LBS support. Like any model with built-in LBS, the Concox GV20 assists in locating leased cars in areas where GPS or other standard services may be unavailable. It detects signals from the nearest cell tower and transmits them to a vehicle location tracking platform.

Learn more about Concox GV20

ATrack AK7S

The AK7S model from ATrack is a popular option in a higher price segment. Similar to the other GPS trackers from the list, it utilizes both GPS and LBS positioning to accurately locate assets, enables remote engine cut-off, and features an integrated blackbox for data storage.

Learn more about ATrack AK7S

Ruptela Trace5 NA

If your business operates in the United States or Canada, or if you work with auto dealerships in these regions, you need a GPS tracker model specifically designed for the area. It guarantees compliance with regional regulations and compatibility with the local networks.

Fortunately, most manufacturers offer specialized models tailored for this region. The Trace5 NA device from Ruptela is a popular example among them. It’s reliable and simple, which makes it a favored choice in the thriving US Buy Here Pay Here market.

Please note that this model only works in the USA and Canada.

In a nutshell

Of course, that’s not an exhaustive list of the devices that can work in the vehicle leasing niche. The Buy Here Pay Here GPS tracking device market is large, and there are many more models available. You can find the right one for your specific needs if you pay close attention to the features we’ve outlined.

If you require assistance or consultation, don’t hesitate to contact your Partner Success Manager or send us a message at We are always happy to help you improve your business.

Aliaksandra Makarevich
Aliaksandra Makarevich
Aliaksandra is a Content Marketer at Gurtam, with 3+ years of content-related experience in publishing houses and international tech companies. She has now switched to topics associated with telematics and IoT, to keep Gurtam's clients updated and engaged.


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