FIFA World Cup 2018: how to turn a dollar on the planet-scale event?

13 February, 2019
Vera Podosinovik

You must have seen tourists buying up nesting dolls during FIFA World Cup in Moscow. But you haven’t seen passenger transportation companies in quest of GPS tracking systems just several months before it. Read the article to find out how sports and Wialon are connected, and how to use a global event to attract new customers.


Prior to the most significant sports event of 2018, the Presidential Decree No.202 was adopted in Russia. The document obliged passenger carriers to install monitoring systems at least for the time of the Championships. Without special equipment, buses were not allowed to enter the cities hosting football matches.


Saint Petersburg Stadium. The place where you could get only with telematics installed

The Decree limited activities of carriers but opened up opportunities for providers. Gurtam partner GLONASS-SERVICE quickly joined the process by launching an online campaign to attract carriers. The primary marketing tool was a new website page, specially developed under the Decree No.202.

Here is the content of the page that gave a powerful influx of customers to GLONASS-SERVICE: 

  • Description of the Decree No.202. Main provisions and consequences for violators. Brief and to the point.
  • What’s next? Step-by-step instructions for fleet owners who prefer not to pay fines.
  • What are the options? List of services from the provider.
  • Application form.

Plus, a banner on the main page and contextual advertising. Cheap and cheerful.

It took the fleet owners little time to analyze all pros and cons. Benefits were obvious: the status of the official carrier during the Championships. So, the online campaign appeared to be effective.

New client

An international company engaged in passenger transportation in Russia, the Baltic States and Finland, applied to GLONASS-SERVICE. They needed to equip 50 buses and optimize operations according to the requirements for official carriers of the World Cup 2018. So, here are the tasks set:

  • to enhance transport monitoring;
  • to simplify the work of operators;
  • to become an official carrier during the Championships.

Solution found

At the first stage, the customer's vehicles were equipped with SIGNAL S-2551 trackers supporting two SIM-cards. During the Championships, the main SIM transmitted the information to the Transport Directorate 2018 (obligatory for official carriers). The backup SIM-card sent the data to Wialon providing vehicle monitoring. Plus, SIGNAL S-2551 has a built-in battery, so if the main power is switched off, the device will continue to send data to the governmental system.


Buses were also equipped with voice communication sets for interaction with operators, and alarm buttons in case of emergency.

Results obtained

The solution proposed by GLONASS-SERVICE offered the best of both worlds:

 1. In terms of the law

Monitoring systems are installed, and data on the movements and speed of buses are sent to the Transport Directorate of the FIFA World Cup 2018 in the Russian Federation. The carrier can officially work during the Championships.

2. In terms of the fleet optimization

In case of a breakdown, a new vehicle is found in less than 30 minutes. An operator can see the nearest free bus and driver's number in Wialon. A few clicks, one call – and the problem is solved.

The possibility of unscheduled runs is excluded: the owner of the fleet controls route performance using geofences. No unauthorized trips are made by far. 

GLONASS-SERVICE is going to fully integrate the system in order to optimize fleet operations. More specifically: install fuel level sensors, connect Eco Driving, control Webasto heaters and engine speed counters.

We thank our partner. Now it is clear how to serve up a news topic to attract more customers. If you have any questions or would like to share your Wialon-based solution, feel free to write to or fill out a form at   

Vera Podosinovik
Vera Podosinovik
Vera is a copywriter and SMM manager who enjoys contributing to the Gurtam blog and informing the community of all the notable events going on at the moment through all our online channels.


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