Our Mexico Conference and Expo Seguridad 2017

28 March, 2017
Aliaksandra Valasiuk

Two weeks ago we had the pleasure of celebrating our second Latin American Partner Conference in Mexico City. It was an amazing event in which we got the chance to connect with our partners, share business experiences. We also listened to great ideas and implementations some of our partners are working on. And we even got the chance to celebrate Carlos Rodriguez’s (our Sales Manager) birthday.  We were happy to see our partners arrive early, eager to hear what we had to say. They were full of energy and we shared a day learning interesting information on how to grow our business together.

Latin America’s growth has been quite impressive for us in the recent past: less than a year ago, in the first Latin American Conference, there were about 30 companies represented among the audience and about 40 people. This year, the number of companies was almost 60 and there were over 100 people.  We are proud of having so many partners taking interest in learning more about the platform, the business and sharing ideas and valuable insights. 

Being able to share a conference with our partners is always valuable for us because we learn more than we teach. The opportunity of talking directly to them, learning more about their concerns and their points of view is always enriching. It gives us more insight and allows us to understand them better and to try to offer better solutions for their problems. Of course, as in every good partnership, many of those good ideas are the result of us thinking and working together.


We also learned from our HW partners and connectivity providers. Suntech, Oigo, Skypatrol, Orbcomm, RCS, Queclink and Podsystem joined us to tell us more about the trends in the industry and the new solutions they are working on. In an enlightening talk with them, we learned that there are more solutions available in the area and that the only limit is our imagination. 

Sergei Leuchanka, our Managing Director for the Americas and Aliaksandr Kuushynau, our Chief Wialon Officer, took us through an eye-opening trip sharing some ideas on new applications and potential uses for GPS tracking. We also learned about the costs that fleet owners can save by using an advanced fleet management solution. In an uncertain political context which easily transpires into the economic situation, having the ability to lower costs can be the driver of growth for our partners. These learnings will not be easily forgotten by any of the attendees.


Koven Cheung, our Technical Account Manager, showed us a glimpse of what the future will bring in Wialon, giving us, among other things, a sneak peek of the new routing interface that is currently being developed, that hadn’t been presented to any partners around the world yet. 6 After sharing an intense working day, we relaxed a bit and enjoyed some typical Mexican food. It was delicious! 4

Expo Seguridad started the following day and continued for three days. It’s Latin America’s largest trade show in the security industry. This year more than 16,000 people visited the show. According to the expo’s official statistics, 60% of visitors were Directors, Owners or Managers of companies and half of them were visiting the expo to get information for future buying decisions.


Our booth was flooded by partners that wanted to continue the conversations that we had started the previous day and who engaged in deep and interesting conversations with us. And we also had some newcomers who wanted to learn more about who we are and why everybody is talking about us.


But this year we didn’t only have our own booth: we also had an incredible location in Suntech’s booth, that generously provided us with the space to show our platform there giving us a convenient spot and all the resources we could wish for, as well as their warm company. Thank you!

8 Although it seems like Moctezuma still holds a grudge with some of us (maybe it’s the traces of conquistador blood!), the current Mexican people made us feel as comfortable as always. We couldn’t be more thankful for this wonderful week that we spent on the Mexican soil and hope to be back there soon. 

We also want to thank all the partners that took a trip to see us, some from distant lands such as Uruguay, Argentina, Peru, Colombia, Guatemala or Panama to the ones who travelled from closer areas like Monterrey, Puebla, San Luis Potosí or Guadalajara. 

We are looking forward to seeing you again soon. Maybe in Minsk! ;-)

Aliaksandra Valasiuk
Aliaksandra Valasiuk
Aliaksandra is an HW specialist at Gurtam with vast experience of consulting partners on the hardware, its choice, and configuration peculiarities. She is also responsible for the hardware section on gurtam.com and Gurtam forum.


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