Reaching out a helping hand: How Wialon supports its partner community in Ukraine

27 February, 2023
Anastasiya Eroho

It’s been a year since the outbreak of military aggression of Russia towards the Ukrainian nation. In that time, the business community’s response to the war has been extraordinary. Many companies went beyond making public statements: they ceased operations in Russia, donated their time and services, and provided financial support to aid organizations. 

Like most businesses in the region, Wialon partners in Ukraine have been deeply affected by the war. We’re proud and happy that the majority of providers persevered and continued their operations. By doing this, they are saving the fragile commercial infrastructure in Ukraine and helping customers to save their businesses, too.

Aliaksandr Kuushynau

Aliaksandr Kuushynau
Head of Wialon

“Wialon is closely following the updates from our partners in Ukraine and staying in touch with them throughout the ordeal. We are infinitely inspired by the resilience and professionalism of Ukrainian people, their ability to stay strong and united in the face of adversity.”

What we are doing to help

Since the beginning of the war, Wialon has taken steps to ensure that our position as a company that stands against any military aggression is clear.

Here’s what we did in 2022 to ensure that our actions go beyond words. 

From February 24, we waived all Wialon Hosting fees for our partners in Ukraine. Initially we intended to do this for six months, but it became obvious that ongoing support would be needed, so we’re still doing it. Our partners can carry on with their businesses, using Wialon for their benefit, and that of their clients. 

In addition, we offered to upgrade Wialon Local licenses to the latest version (2204) for free. 

The support so far amounts to a value of over €500,000 since the start of the invasion. 

These steps ensured that our partners in Ukraine could stay active and develop, despite the circumstances. When our partners are able to continue in business, their customers continue to be supported and supply chains are bolstered, helping the people of Ukraine in a time of precarious resource access.

Helping our partners is in Wialon’s DNA. For us, nothing is more important than the community that has grown alongside Wialon. We do our best to nurture it, providing 24/7 customer support, consulting our partners on how they can expand their businesses, and supplying all kinds of marketing materials to help them in their daily operations. 

What our partners say

Staying in touch with Ukrainian service providers allowed Wialon to understand their struggles and make more efficient decisions about how to help them. 

We asked Monitorland, one of Wialon Top 10 Europe providers in 2022, to share their experience. 

Viktor Zavgorodnyuk

Viktor Zavgorodnyuk
СEO, Monitorland

“In 2022, Ukraine faced the most difficult period in its modern history. However, in these conditions, the aim of any business is to continue its operations. Because continuing means supporting the country’s economy, as well as clients and employees. 

In times of military hostilities, our company manages to help, maintain, and develop the businesses of thousands of customers, providing stable service conditions and quality support. We are proud to say that we were able to save 100% of jobs and provide financial support to our employees, including those defending Ukraine. All this is possible because of the huge support from Gurtam. Together we can overcome everything.” 

We are proud to stand with our Ukrainian partners and will do our best to ensure business continuity in the region. 

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Anastasiya Eroho
Anastasiya Eroho
Anastasiya is the Head of the Marketing Department at Gurtam. Her 8 years of experience in marketing and communications, content, user acquisition, and market research allow her to grow complex technical B2B products through building professional communities.


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