The Long-awaited Wialon Local 1604 Global Update

25 March, 2016
Aliaksandra Valasiuk

The absence of a role model to inspire and encourage hampers further advancements. Luckily, this is far from being a story of Gurtam. We keep updating and optimizing Wialon Hosting cloud solution on a monthly basis and it's hight time our server solution caught up with its cloud peer by taking the best of it. 

Wialon Local is updated once a year, which makes every newest version a sweet spot for business-owners utilizing the platform. In view of the exclusiveness making the update highly anticipated, we suggest you to be the first to take a look at what's new in Wialon Local 1604.

Interface Enhancement

POI and Geofences Integration

The incorporation of POI into Geofences is one of the most anticipated and ambitious developments for Wialon Local. Among the POI features of interest were customizable display on the map and the option to bind icons and multimedia files (via iframe). Geofences are functionally more important due to their use in reports module. That’s why our clients often had to create both a geofence and a POI in a single point. Now we unite the notions. 

After the integration geofences will acquire the following features:

  • option to set an icon (custom or from the library);
  • html support in geofence description;
  • caption color and size adjustments for geofence mapping;
  • visibility adjustments;
  • option to disable geofence circle display;
  • option to view and set coordinates (the former is available only for circle geofences);
  • overlapping items grouping.

Geofences, in their turn, lose ride beginning, ride end and address source flags. These elements will be available in report templates only. POI tab in the monitoring panel and all the references to the notion in the system and applications will also vanish. All the existing POI will be converted into geofences of circle type with radius determined by POI properties. 


Geofence Groups

In addition to trailer and driver groups we developed geofence groups which can be used both in notifications and report building. You can differentiate between geofences groups of different types, efficiently manage thousands of geofences and demonstrate them on the map. 

For more comfortable work with trailer, driver and geofence groups we also improved interface design – group trees were introduced in the left panel of “geofences”, “drivers” and “trailers” tabs. 

geofence group

Driver Work-Rest Schedule Monitoring

Advanced properties were supplemented by driver activity settings. Using the dropdown list a manager can choose the source to identify driver activity on the basis of tachograph or bindings data, thus minimizing working schedule violations and encouraging compliance with AETR requirements. 

If “None” is selected, a pop up info tip and extended information window will not contain data on driver activity. If “Tachograph” is selected, data on driver activity is obtained from tachograph installed on the vehicle. Selecting “Bindings” you register driver status on the basis of data on trips and assignments. 


Color Schemes and Sensors

The reorganized “Advanced” tab allows for more handy sensor, track and unit outline colors allocation due to the increased number of pre-defined colors, quicker selection of track display modes (“Single”, “By speed”, “By sensor”) and smarter interval adjustments. 

Sensor properties also underwent modifications. Intervals, colors and textual description for each sensor may be set up in “Sensor properties” tab. The dispatcher is free to choose the color spectrum he desires, which allows for more flexible customization and faster reaction to any changes of sensor values. The above made it possible to reduce the number of tabs in sensor creation interface by eliminating “Custom Intervals” tab. 

Where it’s necessary to control a large number of parameters in unit tooltip, searching the necessary sensor may take long. Color marking of sensor line or sensor value will help to find the relevant sensor in the shortest possible time. Moreover unit tooltip has been made dynamic. In other words, after pointing at the unit you will see only live and up-to-date information.

Video Content Support

New function of Wialon Local 1604 allows users to receive both photos and videos from tracking devices. 

After you’ve received the whole file (the link is attached to the message), you can open the video in the Wialon Hosting interface. 

Videos and telematics data sent by a car will give you a complete overview of the events on the road. Wialon Hosting managers can always study the case and say what caused this or that violation (the driver’s distracted behavior, or something else).

OpenSeaMap Support

By sea or by land, Wialon guarantees better performance. That’s why we added to Wialon Local support of OpenSeaMap with Marine, Elevation and Sea Marks profiles available for those involved in overseas transport to see lighthouses, piers, docks and other useful maritime marks. Please note, that after choosing Sea Marks layer, map tiles with no sea areas will be unavailable.

Adjustment to Touch Screens

Continuously adopting the system to operate with touch screens we provide our product with greater mobile capacities. For touch screen users we added double tap option which can be used for POI and geofences creation and editing, track player tool utilization, dialogs management, and also to launch mini-windows from monitoring list, send routes via commands and other minor system adjustments.

CMS Manager Enhancement

Unit Profile

This new tab in the unit properties enables to capture and store more detailed information on the unit. We added the following fields:

  • VIN
  • Registration plate
  • Vehicle type
  • Brand
  • Model
  • Year
  • Carrying capacity
  • Dimensions
  • Effective capacity

The name for each field is preset – all that is left to do is to specify value. After the fields are completed new information is available in user settings, export/import and report templates. 

Although the predetermined values are not provided, the system “remembers” up to 15 most recent text items entered into the system for other units. Thus, as you use this functionality Wialon system will automatically offer you relevant options to fill in the appropriate fields, except for “VIN” and “Registration plate”. It should be mentioned that for “Carrying capacity”, “Year” and “Dimensions” fields only numeric values are available. 

The information also becomes available in unit’s tooltip or in the work list. Just choose the data visualization options in User Settings by flagging one of the Profile options under “Show Additional Information about the Unit”.


Creating New Units from WLP Files

We have simplified the procedure of creating a new unit with preset functions. Using Wialon Local, you can create a unit from a WPL-file within several clicks. For this purpose we’ve added Create from WPL button. Having uploaded the file, you will see Unit Properties Dialog with the necessary settings.

CMS Usability Improvements


  • Redesign of the Top panel;
  • A handy classification of columns in all the tabs;
  • New columns in all tabs ("last visit", "last message", "billing plan", "dealer rights", etc.);
  • New search filters in all tabs ("blocked", "resources", "custom fields", etc.);
  • Billing plan name editing;
  • Redesign of the Retranslator dialog;
  • “Contents” report for account;
  • Report on account hierarchy.


Reports Enhancement

Embedded Reports Grouping and Sorting Options

Gurtam engineering department has done a great job to develop new Reports grouping and sorting options, and now Wialon Local 1604 users can group data in the tables in any way they want. 

You can create perfectly customized tables which contain all the necessary information within one report. While arranging Reports, you can also preset order and quantity of embedded tables and receive aggregated data on top level of the grouping. 

For example, data can be grouped by months, shifts and hours. Grouping by units, sensors, geofences, trips, seasons, types of action and events is available when needed. To enhance Reports analytical potential, we’ve also integrated options to group data by years, days of the week and days of the year. 

grouping in reports

Reports on Users Groups

Our partners aimed at business processes optimization need to track Wialon Local users’ activity. An option to build up “Login” table as part of expanded report for resources was added to maintain statistics on logging on to the system. The table shows the allocation and frequency of user activity with data available on a particular user. 

Here you may see columns with user log in/log out time, session duration, service name, user’s destinations and other parameters. To compile logins of multiple users into a single table you’ll have to draw a report of “Resource” type and corresponding “Logins” table. All users belonging to the account, including subsidiary users, will form table contents. 


Eco Driving Improvement

Imprudent speeding and braking increase fuel consumption and damage vehicle braking system components immensely. That’s why we’ve added the Reckless driving criterion to the Eco Driving settings. Such a criterion helps to detect speeding before abrupt braking take place (for instance, harsh accelerations and decelerations at traffic lights stops). 

Moreover, we’ve added a six-point scale for you to estimate the total amount of penalty marks your drivers get. It is available in most report tables. 


Shifts Support

One of the most important innovations in the updated Wialon Local version is the opportunity to create a report with grouping by shifts. 

Start of the shift and its duration is set in Report Template properties.

Binding Units to Report Template

Some Wialon users need to build specific reports for specified system components, be it units, drivers or trailers. It often takes long to search for relevant units in the list to create report template. We found a solution and implemented report template “binding” to specific units existing in a system. 

Imagine, you create a report on the unit and you know for sure that the report is relevant only for a number of specified units, not for the whole fleet. Henceforth the units can be bound to report template. 

A mere click on “Bind” button in report template properties dialog will direct you to the window where you mark necessary units. In future while building a query by the report template the unit list will contain only those units you have already bound.

Weight Control

Thanks to weight control report system, Wialon Local 1604 is capable to address a number of issues related to vehicle excess weight or empty trips. For user convenience weight information is currently displayed in “Parkings” report table. Similarly to temperature values display, the table was supplemented by several new columns (initial, final, average, minimum and maximum), where simple weight values at a point in time appear. 

The above allows a driver or a manager to register violations in due time and take appropriate measures. As a result the probability of administrative charges for all-weight excess and misappropriate inventory being onboard is minimized. What’s more, vehicle ageing and road wear slow down due to the appropriate operating conditions.

Temperature Data

Now reports tables (Geofences, Trips, etc.) also contain thermometer readings (minimum, average and maximum temperature).

Other Innovations

Fuel Theft and Fuel Filling Notifications

For your convenience fuel theft and fuel filling notifications triggers were added with an opportunity to add sensor masks, inside and outside geofence (geofence groups) control, and an option to create events only for new fillings and thefts. The notification triggers for every fuel level sensor individually, ignoring “Merge same name sensors” parameters. 

fuel filling

LBS Location

An alternative method to GPS location is a new handy feature in Wialon Hosting. When GPS satellites are not available, Wialon will automatically switch to LBS (cellular tower-based) location. If ‘LBS detected’ data is more recent than GPS one, then it will be used for determining current unit’s location. LBS location feature will be helpful for units tracking in container shipping, tracking in buildings and urban areas with poor GPS signal.

Locator Enhancement

We added options to choose all existing units of a particular resource at once and to remove track from the map if needed. Units will be updated/deleted dynamically in the course of their editing or assigning access rights to a user.

Jobs and Notifications for Unit Groups

As for dynamic groups of objects, there’s an opportunity to bind jobs and notifications to a group, taking into account variations in unit set of the group. In this case adding and deleting units in the group will not be followed by introducing changes in jobs and notifications, thus eliminating the need for manual adjustment.

Configured Sensors Retranslation

Previous Wialon Local version provided an opportunity to retranslate raw sensors parameters only. Now in Wialon Local 1604 it has become possible to retranslate calculated sensors values too. To activate the feature while creating a new retranslator, just click “add calculated sensors values” check box. 

This innovation intends to significantly improve working with different types of hardware devices and will help streamline operators’ work. It’s a really nice feature for those who use Wialon as a communication hub to support hundreds of different types of devices in third-party software.

Command Execution in Wialon Mobile 2

We implemented command execution function for mobile version of Wialon Local, for example sending or requesting unit coordinates. 

Wialon Local update will be released on April, 1. So you have a little time to think about it, get rid of any doubts and purchase the improved Wialon Local version. Remember, new functionality means new ways for your business development. 

Have a good day!  

Aliaksandra Valasiuk
Aliaksandra Valasiuk
Aliaksandra is an HW specialist at Gurtam with vast experience of consulting partners on the hardware, its choice, and configuration peculiarities. She is also responsible for the hardware section on and Gurtam forum.


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