Updated Wialon mobile app: beta-version now available

20 May, 2019
Kirill Yakynin

Laptops no more seem to be genuinely portative. Users switch to smartphones and tablets both for business and entertainment. Wialon mobile app justifies the trend – we speak about 180,000 active users, and the number is growing. Concurrently growth the demand for performance. Earlier, one needed the app for online tracking, while now users need analytics, content management via mobile app and new types of notifications.

How shall we satisfy the demands?

We create the new Wialon mobile app with a new architecture allowing to unleash the potential of the satellite tracking system in your pocket.  

When creating the new app we turn to Gurtam partners and Wialon users, and we want to engage you in the development process. That’s why we launch open beta-testing of the new Wialon app.  

We’ve started the development not long ago, and today we are ready to present basic functions – new options for unit management and long-awaited reports. And this is a small part of what we are planning for the new app. While you can download and test it, report errors and request new functions. The earlier you start, the more ideas we can bring into life.   

Now let’s come back to what we have. 

Current functions 


Good old unit list – updated design.

  • Simplified “Info” tab. Address and time of the last message are not duplicated in the list and are displayed near the unit icon. 
  • Enhanced navigation in “History.” Date selection buttons are designed as in the calendar; events are separated and marked by intuitive icons.    
  • Text following icons. The descriptions “Share location,” “Send command,” and “Copy coordinates” accompany the corresponding icons.   
  • No “Timeline” tab. It’s not a limitation, but a necessity. The new “Reports” module will partially cover the functionality of the tab.  

Brand new “Unit groups.” You can now manage groups of units in the mobile app. In the future, we are planning to add the option to create units in a mobile app and distribute them into groups. 

How shall we satisfy the demands?


Wialon “Reports” module has become available in a mobile app and partially takes up the tasks of “Timeline” tab. In the beta version, you can’t create new report templates, but you can work with the full list of reports available in Wialon web version. 

  1. Select the template 
  2. Assign a unit or unit group 
  3. Specify the interval: preset or custom
  4. “Execute” the report

Result: PDF report that you can view, download, and send by e-mail.  

How shall we satisfy the demands?

As a part of the user-friendly design, we added handy navigation between “Units,” “Map,” “Settings,” and “Reports” tabs in the lower part of the screen.  

Development plans 

Here we start joint beta testing of Wialon mobile app. In the following updates, we are planning to add:  

  • Notifications: new mechanisms and messages on the forthcoming account blocking. 
  • Geofences: the option to turn on/off display on the map and geofence creation in a mobile app. 
  • Your ideas and error reports: We analyze your feedback thoroughly and put your ideas into practice.

You can download the beta-version from Google Play and App Store. 

How shall we satisfy the demands?How shall we satisfy the demands?

The app itself will tell you how to report errors and leave feedback. 

Kirill Yakynin
Kirill Yakynin
Kirill is the Brand Manager at Gurtam. He maintains brand integrity across all the company’s marketing initiatives and communications and ensures that Gurtam products resonate with current and potential customers.


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