Wialon CRM – unit management and not just that

19 October, 2017
Kirill Yakynin

WH, WL, CMS, CRM – if these combinations of letters are familiar to you, it means you are reading the right article. Want to know how to work your way up to handy units, users and accounts management in CRM system developed specifically for Wialon? Gurtam partner – GLOMOS company – is ready to share its experience.

CRM – start

Annual conferences and Gurtam forum again proved themselves to be effective sites for professional interaction and best practices sharing. It was here where GLOMOS specialists learned firsthand about the issues of integrators in business management and possible solutions to these issues. They needed simple and user-friendly yet multi-purpose CRM system that wouldn’t demand stand-alone adaptations for each separate business.

This is how a new project was born. The first version of CRM was developed for internal use and now is utilized in the company as a business management system.

A new product for Gurtam partners Wialon CRM – was inspired by GLOMOS CRM system and now offers standard functionality such as handy work with accounts, users, units, messages, and sensors.

The system owns a range of advantages if compared to solutions built by third-party developers:

  • Higher data security;
  • Free distribution;
  • “One click” access to basic functionality;
  • API integration with Wialon;
  • Wialon Local support.

Let’s elaborate on basic functions of the solution that can turn out to be a universal CRM system for Wialon community.

Wialon CRM functionality

With the new system, integrators are getting an excellent tool for working with major system elements.


Wialon gets much data almost from any type of devices, but the user doesn’t need all these reports at once. Wialon CRM provides a quick access to the system’s most important information.


There is a list of units with detailed information on the homepage:

  • top user account,
  • unique ID,
  • type of the device,
  • phone number,
  • status,
  • time of the last message.

If it’s not enough, there is a possibility to add additional columns “Name”, “Speed”, “Author” and “Created”.

For each of these characteristics, there is a data filter and the possibility of columns selection so that only needed information is displayed. Want to see the list of offline units or units equipped with Teltonika devices? Just apply a relevant filter. On top of that, the system of filters is multi-level which means that you can filter units or messages by account and after that by the type of the device within the framework of a given account.


Apart from filtration by basic fields, you can choose a time interval and the number of lines displayed. Thus, Wialon CRM minimizes the volume of displayed information and improves system performance.

Besides, you get access to users’ and accounts’ information like service plan, account balance, password change, rights, status – everything in the corresponding tabs. 


Each unit has a certain set of characteristics that can be not only looked through but also quickly changed. CRM ID and phone number verification mechanism prevents the creation of identical units and users in the system at the outset.



The last message with sensors’ characteristics and data can be viewed in a separate window right on the homepage. 

last message

For handy monitoring of messages’ changes in the past 6 hours (or 3 000 messages), our partner implemented a switch to “live” graphs. Once new data from sensor’s characteristics or indications gets into the table, the graph is being updated on a real-time basis. For a more profound analysis, you can overlay several graphs. From GLOMOS experience these graphs make the life of technical support much easier.


Developers promise to deliver the possibility of showing messages for a random time period in the near future.


All the data considering users, units, and accounts is on display and you can see an overall picture of the service. But Wialon CRM shows not only the existence of units but also the way they are functioning. For this purpose there is a flexible sensors’ editor with extended functionality:

  • Handy sensors’ addition and removal – set the name, type, a parameter, measuring units, limits, and description in a separate dialogue box.
  • Dynamically updated graph – monitor all the changes in the graph in real time as data become available.
  • Merging sensors for multitank vehicles – create one sensor that will sum up indications of the selected sensors (that in their turn become optional and invisible).
  • Calibration tables handling – import or copy the file (.txt, .xls and special formats) from one or several tables. Besides, there is a function “Invert the table” in the system in case installers work out a table from right to left.


At the moment there is already a support of special formats of calibration tables for Italon and Omnicomm sensors. In the near future, GLOMOS is going to extend the list of supported formats.

Data Security

Authorization is carried out in accordance with Gurtam guidelines and Wialon Hosting documentation. User login and password are entered on Wialon authorization page. Then redirection to Wialon CRM website takes place. Security token and username are also passed there. It means that personal information is passed only to Wialon servers.

What's next?

Wialon CRM basic functionality is already available to Wialon users. In a couple of months it will be complemented by more modules:

  • Technical support (ticket-based communication with clients);
  • Sales (list of contacts, vehicles, comments on organizational issues);
  • Billing (contract cut off and activation by balance/days);
  • Analytics (identifying issues with a certain degree of probability based on data for a certain period of time);
  • Statistics (drives, diagnostics, top problem vehicles, types of equipment, comparison study, etc.).

Each of these modules will help to save company’s time and money. Thus, after CRM implementation GLOMOS managed to completely decline the services of call-center, unite the work of several departments in one system, provide the transparency of business processes for employees and clients. The company arranged:

  • Interaction with clients and the transfer of requests to the dedicated experts;
  • Planning, assignment, and recording of installation works;
  • Integration with accounting services;
  • Employee training on the basis of collected data.

In some time developers plan to deliver the possibility of interface customization and service deployment on the client’s DNS server.

Follow the product development and soon you will get a multifunctional business management system.

After new modules’ implementation, Wialon CRM will be distributed on a commercial basis but basic functionality will forever stay free. Want to know more about this new solution? Put your questions to developers and share your ideas on our forum.

Kirill Yakynin
Kirill Yakynin
Kirill is the Brand Manager at Gurtam. He maintains brand integrity across all the company’s marketing initiatives and communications and ensures that Gurtam products resonate with current and potential customers.


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