Wialon customization: how to make your system stand out

3 April, 2018
Kirill Yakynin

Make the ultimate solution individual, ensure time-saving operations with personal design, and reach new audiences with a single solution. Why not? Read our article to learn more.   

According to statistics every other partner purchases premium package to promote their brand or add some distinctiveness to the interface. That’s how you learn it’s about time to get “premium”:

  • your company is renowned in the region, the brand is recognizable, and you try to diversify your business by becoming an integrator;
  • you want to develop your brand and form a sharp image of an independent software developer and service provider;
  • your potential clients trust national brands and products developed domestically.

Here at Gurtam, we understand the importance of branding for each company. That’s why based on partners’ requests we developed several options for the system personalization. 

Lucky to own a premium package?

We can refine the login page, and the system interface in line with your brand book. Address Gurtam technical support team to change the core graphic elements:

  • favicon (website icon on the browser tab);
  • logo on the login page (*Your Product* instead of Wialon Hosting);
  • title (text on the browser tabs and in favorites) – the first thing the user sees in search results and the core element for HTML-page optimization;

Lucky to own a premium package?

  • logo in the upper left corner of the monitoring interface.

Lucky to own a premium package?… as well as links to Gurtam resources and apps:

  • Replace the link to technical support in the “User menu”Now your clients can report problems right from the monitoring interface. Since the request goes straight into your company, you address the issues right away.    
  • Add a custom link to “Help” section of the “User menu”. You may want to brand or edit Wialon docs (describe individual modules only) and publish them on a new domain. With the new link, the users get access to desired information without leaving the tracking system.
  • Replace the copyright on the login page and at the bottom panel of the monitoring interface. Moreover, add the new link to redirect users to the corporate website, upselling landing page or another useful web resource.

Lucky to own a premium package?

  • Add the links to mobile applications in Google Play and App Store on the login page. Promote solutions by Gurtam or your own Wialon-based developments.

Lucky to own a premium package?

Nice addition Even those not having personal design can set up one of the default skins for Wialon interface and authorization page. Study the images, select a suitable one, and contact Gurtam tech support to get started.


Reports customization

Premium package allows customizing both the interface and the reports. We offer three standard schemes and a more profound redesign. Having such reports your managers won’t have to adjust the document to the necessary form time and again. We bring the report in line with your company/client brand book, including:

  • New colors and alignment; 
  • Added company logo, header, and footer; 
  • Tables transfer to new pages.

Both the design and the structure (blocks and columns order) are subject to change. Gurtam offers up to three unique personalization versions for each company and an additional one for each dealer. With a ready-made template, your employees no more spend time on making the document look right.   

P.S. Before getting down to redesign issues, make sure you properly configured the reports. If you encountered any problems, address those to technical support specialists. They can do it for you. Ask your regional manager about the additional service of system configuration. 


Gurtam partners often use the tool during different sporting events, and here we also provide customization options. Now, the companies can place their logos in Locator interface. And here’s why: for example, a fleet manager is a motor rally fan watching the local round. While following his favorite team, he notices the logo and pays attention to the tracking service provider. The more links to the units – the more audience you can reach. Who knows, maybe your future best client scans Locator right now? Lucky to own a premium package?

The approach is used by one of Gurtam partners in the UAE. Walied Al Basheer from Inbound LLC uses the tool to share vehicle locations during the Electric Vehicle Road Trip (EVRT). Everyone interested can follow the participants throughout the Emirates, and Inbound LLC takes credit for it. For two years in a row, they attract clients from among environmentalists and future tech enthusiasts by only using Locator. Moreover, one of our partners in the CIS has already branded Locator for the world's largest pizza chain. They are now sharing couriers' location with clients. Thousands of pizza lovers see the company logo in a browser tab which dramatically enhances brand reach.

Personal design

If the standard interface is not what you expect from the GPS tracking system, don’t lose your nerve. Premium package owners can opt for personal design. It is activated after a one-time payment and request to technical support. After this, you can brand the system according to your corporate style and company’s brand book:

  • Modify interface colors. The product logo going with interface colors makes the system look nicer. Apply corporate colors to the dialogues, plates, and tabs as a bonus to other services granted by the premium package.
  • Change fonts. Corporate fonts are used everywhere: logos, reports, documentation, blog. So you and your clients got used to it. To keep to the single style, we offer you to change the tracking system font too. 
  • Add a background image on the login page. Show your business specifics on the login page by installing the skin with, say, construction machinery, or add the background matching the interface.

There are several possible options for the system interface personalization. Choose whatever you like. Contact Gurtam tech support, and our specialists will help you.

Kirill Yakynin
Kirill Yakynin
Kirill is the Brand Manager at Gurtam. He maintains brand integrity across all the company’s marketing initiatives and communications and ensures that Gurtam products resonate with current and potential customers.


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