Wialon integration with TimoCom

4 April, 2014

What do you do to improve your business? Right, you are always searching for new opportunities. Recent integration with TimoCom — the largest European vehicle and freight exchange — can definitely provide you with such an opportunity.

So, who is TimoCom? It's a well-known company, offering the largest European logistics service, providing the info about free cargo and transport, which is available in 44 countries and translated into 24 languages. Today it unites enormous number of companies, willing to transfer their cargo, and freight carriers, eager to offer their transport.

TimoCom customers in Eastern Europe

However, what is the essence of the integration? In summer 2013 TimoCom and Gurtam decided to join the efforts and connect Wialon platform to their system. And today you can already find our brand, which is so familiar to you, in the list of TimoCom telematics providers.

Wialon integration with TimoCom, the largest European freight exchange emap route planner

You ask me, why can the freight exchange be so useful to Wialon users? It's simple, among our numerous partners and customers there are many fleet owners and freight carriers, who will be definitely glad to get a new option, connected to logistics. There is no matter, whether you provide transportation services, or order them, TimoCom service offers additional opportunities for your business development.

The freight exchange keeps the data about freight carriers and customers on one platform. That's why it's a good chance for carriers to find new customers across Europe, eliminate expensive empty runs, plan the best route, as well as get free Europe-wide advertising. And cargo shippers, in turn, don't lose money because of the downtime of cargo transfer, plus save time due to online requests' processing.

In order to use the TimoCom service for a start, you should register in TC eMap. Then choose Wialon from the list of telematics providers (use the Locator URL with all necessary units as a password), and after it, you will be able to upload data from Wialon to the TimoCom system. Simply said, you can add your fleet to the TimoCom map and provide your customer with access to the cargo tracking system.

Therefore, your customer gets new orders, and all he needs to do is a couple of clicks! While you, as a telematics service provider, receives loyal and completely satisfied customer.


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