Join the global Wialon Run Challenge!

29 May, 2024
Raman Liavonau

As the great milestone of 4 million connected vehicles draws closer, the Wialon community comes together to face a new Wialon Challenge. This time, we invite our honored partners across the planet to take on a global 4,000-kilometer run in celebration of an upcoming achievement. Are you up for the challenge?

Wialon Run Challenge 2024

Global objective: 4,000 kilometers

Wialon Run Challenge is dedicated to an exciting step in Wialon’s growth timeline: 4 million vehicles connected to the platform. As we steadily move towards this spectacular number, we came up with the idea to run one meter for every vehicle connected to Wialon as a representation of the long journey we’re taking together. One quick calculation later, we had an impressive figure of 4,000 kilometers to conquer!

And just as the upcoming milestone would not be possible without every single one of you, our partners, we simply can’t cover the distance of 4,000 kilometers on our own. We invite all the Wialon partners, no matter where you are, to help us nail this challenge together before we hit the mark of 4 million vehicles!

Join the run! 

The challenge started on May 7 and is now in full swing, with participants in multiple countries, from Mexico to Sri Lanka, already tracking their running efforts. To take part, you will need to complete several simple steps:

  1. Download the Strava App and create your account.

  2. Follow the Wialon account.

  3. We'll add you to our closed Strava challenge, where your progress will be automatically tracked after each run.

  4. Join the WhatsApp Wialon Run Challenge group chat to stay updated and follow other participants. Feel free to share photos from your runs on Strava or social media using #WialonRunChallenge.

  5. Keep on running!

Head to the dedicated Wialon Run Challenge page for more details.

nikolai melnikov

Nikolai Melnikov
Head of Customer Service Center

“When launching the challenge, we were concerned that the 4,000 km distance might be a bit too much even for our united partner community. Now, just three weeks later, we see that we have already covered almost half of the distance. All participants are steadily pushing us towards the goal, which seemed so distant at first.

The same principle applies in business: consistent daily effort leads us to greater achievements, sometimes ones that may initially appear unattainable. One step is one new vehicle connected to Wialon. With each new step, we move closer to our collective goal, connecting more vehicles and covering greater distances. The 4,000 kilometers mark — much like the 4 million vehicles mark — is just across the corner. So... run, Forrest, run!”

Join us in this inspiring endeavor. Let's hit the road, track our progress, and celebrate every kilometer as a testament to our collective efforts. Together, we can make this a memorable tribute to 4 million connections.

Raman Liavonau
Raman Liavonau
Raman Liavonau is a Content Marketer at Wialon. He is responsible for creating concise and quality content for the Wialon blog, as well as delivering comprehensive marketing materials, landing pages, newsletters, and other types of written media.


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