Сargo and vehicle theft prevention system for a Mexican multinational corporation

IoT project of the year 2022



SuKarne is a Mexican multinational corporation based in Culiacán. The company is the largest beef, pork, and chicken exporter in the country occupying at least 76% of the market share, and owns a fleet of 2,800 vehicles. SuKarne was looking for ways to secure its fleet from accidents and theft.

  • As a result of the pandemic that tremendously affected the economic situation in the country, the number of company transport thefts increased by 300%, resulting in property losses equal to 1 million dollars. 
  • The company had no tools to locate the stolen products or vehicles, and the response from the authorities took too much time to stop the hijackers.

vehicle theft prevention

The client’s truck


The Wialon partner, CTTMX, provided SuKarne with a vehicle theft prevention solution that not only allowed the company to prevent tremendous financial losses but also helped uncover the organized crime cells involved in vehicle theft across the country.

  • The main elements of the vehicle and cargo theft prevention solution include Queclink GL300W GPS trackers, the TRM BUGS and flespi platforms.
  • GPS tracking devices are placed inside the containers/boxes with the transported products.
  • TRM BUGS developed by CTTMX allows the client’s management and administration to track each device hidden in product containers. The platform receives the location and other data via the Wialon API.

cargo theft prevention

Tracking the vehicle with products in the TRM BUGS system

  • flespi is responsible for managing GPS tracking devices. It allows the TRM Bugs platform to acquire the telematics data from Queclink GL300W trackers.
  • The specialists in the control room monitor the tracking information. If the product or vehicle theft is detected, they contact the recovery team and the police to launch the search operation immediately.

The platform allows for management, administration and monitoring of each device placed in the product units. A crisis table is implemented in each event or incident identified to support and track the location of the device placed; in conjunction with the SuKarne heritage security area and police authorities, a search operation is triggered. The final vehicle theft prevention solution helps secure over 7,200 trips monthly.

CTTMX provides 24/7 support for the project. The support team consists of software and hardware technicians ready to solve any technical issues on the customer’s site.

The Wialon partner also created detailed documentation on the solution. Training is provided upon the client’s request.


The anti-theft solution helped the client protect their cargo and vehicles, getting rid of service disruptions, enormous expenses and making sure that thousands of hundreds of dollars in vehicles and goods stay in the company instead of landing in the hands of robbers.

>1 million dollars saved

by the client thanks to the recovered stolen vehicles and products.

Vehicles and products protected

The cargo theft prevention solution helps detect theft and start acting straight away, considerably increasing the chances of the vehicle and product recovery.

Crime prevented

The vehicle theft prevention system has already helped uncover the organized crime cells and prevent other crimes that could have been committed.

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Company profile

Country: Mexico
IoT project of the year nomination: Long-haul shipping
Business sphere: Long-haul transportation
Monitoring unit: Freight vehicle

Implemented products


Implemented hardware

Queclink GL300W

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