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The Avtowell company is engaged in selling spare parts and car servicing in Rostov-on-Don, Russia. The company has already used Wialon to monitor its vehicles.

The head of the company needed the ability to have quick and convenient access to reports at any time. Due to his busy schedule, he didn’t have enough time to use the Wialon mobile application and search the necessary information there, not to mention report generation in the system’s web version.


Interra, Wialon's partner in Russia, offered a solution that allowed the head of Avtowell to receive the necessary data from Wialon in just a couple of clicks.

  • Interra developed the WialonSuperBot chatbot for Telegram.
  • The bot is integrated with Wialon and allows you to view the list of units, their statuses, the list of unit groups through the popular messenger familiar to the client.

WialonSuperBot chatbot interface

WialonSuperBot chatbot interface

  • You can get reports on fuel, mileage, engine hours directly in a Telegram message. Reports are generated for a unit or unit groups and attached as PDF files to the message from the Telegram bot.
  • WialonSuperBot is available for Android, iOS, and a Telegram desktop version.
  • The solution works with both Wialon Hosting and Wialon Local.
  • The interface is implemented in Russian and English. The language is automatically determined after logging into Wialon using a token.

In the future, they plan to implement the possibility of receiving reports with other data from Wialon, for example, on drivers, trailers, geofences.


With WialonSuperBot, not only the Avtowell CEO but also other employees, for example, accountants, can quickly get the required report via a convenient and familiar messenger.

Quick access to data

You can get a report in just a couple of clicks; this does not require a computer or an additional mobile application.

Time savings

The CEO receives only the required information without logging into the system and quickly makes decisions and assigns tasks based on reports.


The client receives the necessary data in the most convenient way.

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IoT project of the year nomination: Local deliveries
Business sphere: Local deliveries
Monitoring unit: Automotive equipment

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