Cold chain control for animal products manufacturer in Bolivia

IoT project of the year 2021


Sofía Ltda. is one of the fastest-growing companies in the productive and agroindustrial sector in Bolivia. It transports refrigerated products (pork, poultry, etc.) with the help of its own fleet that includes more than 400 vehicles. 

The company wanted to ensure that it meets customer standards and compliance regulations. Sofia Ltda. had a GPS tracking system and a last-mile delivery solution in place. However, the client didn’t get a general overview of their cold chain planning. A lot of compliance verification processes were manual and time-consuming.

Sofía LTDA needed a fully automated temperature monitoring solution implemented. 


Zentag, a telematics service provider from Bolivia, has built a solution that collects temperature-related data, prevents over- and underheating, and helps maintain the temperature integrity of the transported products. 

The data from the trackers and sensors is sent to Zentag via flespi, the backend telematics platform, and later is transferred to the client’s last-mile delivery solution.

The solution includes:

  • ELA Blue PUCK T EN 12830 temperature sensors. They have the latest European EN12830 certification and serve as a perfect fit for temperature-sensitive products. Unlike wired solutions, the wireless sensors are easy to install and maintain;

  • Teltonika FMB920 trackers. They provide GPS data and allow the client to monitor products’ real-time location;

  • alerts that are sent when goods are exposed to temperatures that are higher or lower than the accepted ones;

  • a single dashboard that provides a detailed overview of the client’s products in different vehicles.

Zentag’s solution allows the client to:

  • geolocate products throughout the entire supply chain;
  • preserve the right transportation conditions and immediately detect temperature deviations;
  • identify the percentage of compliance ad avoid product loss, 
  • track delays and product/vehicle status.


The implementation of the Zentag solution has improved the effectiveness of the control carried out in the delivery. A lot of further improvements are still on the way.

Guaranteed quality

Customers receive frozen and chilled products in the correct state.

No financial losses

As the solution provides full-scale monitoring of the transportation chain, any issues can be addressed right away. Thus, products spoilage is at its minimum, saving money on possible losses.

User-friendly analytic reports

The data is available in one place and displayed in the form of comprehensive reports and graphs.

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Company profile

Country: Bolivia
IoT project of the year nomination: Cold chain transportation
Business sphere: Long-haul transportation

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Implemented hardware

Teltonika FMB920

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