Comprehensive tracking of refrigerator fleet for drugs delivery

IoT project of the year 2021

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AlgaTrans is an independent transport company. Its fleet is 200+ units, distributed in several regions of the country. The main fleet consists of mainline road trains with refrigerated semi-trailers; recently, the fleet has been replenished with medium-duty trucks, also equipped with refrigerated vans. The main customers are manufacturers/distributors of confectionery and pharmaceuticals.

The previously used vehicle monitoring system did not solve the client's urgent tasks, limiting itself only to the basic tasks of geolocation and measuring the fuel level. This approach was an obstacle to the development of the core business and the growth of the company.

The previous monitoring platform and its operator turned out to be unprepared for the pace of development of the client's business and, as a result, increased requirements for automation of enterprise management. The offer of only basic functionality did not satisfy the client, which was the reason for the search for an alternative solution.


The Wialon partner equipped tractors and semi-trailers with trackers, which made it possible to receive maximum information from the CAN bus without additional equipment.

The set of equipment was supplemented by iQFreeze temperature recorders and fuel level sensors.

All data from devices is collected in the Wialon GPS monitoring platform. The main functionality used on the project is as follows:

  • Notifications to track the loss or damage of cargo;
  • Reports to analyze operating costs that are too high;
  • Tasks to save time when generating reports for management;
  • Maintenance intervals help to avoid vehicle downtime due to untimely maintenance.

Disketta, Tacho View, Tacho Manager applications based on Wialon allow the client to work with tachograph map data and drivers' working hours.

The integrator has implemented an end-to-end fuel control service that aggregates financial data from suppliers with actual telematics data on fuel movement. Another essential integration was made with the proprietary MAN PRIDE telematics system. It allows assessing driving efficiency and the correct use of various vehicle systems by the driver. Automatic generation of vehicle trips is available based on the uploaded data in 1C.


The introduction of a new telematics system made it possible to control the entire fleet, including the primary vehicles and refrigerated semi-trailers.

Increase in revenue and profit

The company got the opportunity to earn more both due to control over the work of the vehicle fleet and due to entering a new, more profitable market for the transportation of medicines.

A new market

The introduction of a refrigeration fleet control system allowed the client to ensure compliance with the requirements for the transportation of medicines and enter a new market. Now the company is engaged in the transportation of pharmaceutical products, which is much more profitable for the client than regular transportation.


In this case, the client received more than just savings in fuel control costs. Powerful new tools have made it possible to identify operational weaknesses and optimize them.

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Company profile

IoT project of the year nomination: Cold chain transportation
Business sphere: Long-haul transportation
Monitoring unit: Freight vehicle

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