Pharmaceuticals transportation monitoring with Wialon in Sri Lanka


A large logistics company from the South Asian region faced a problem of carrying and storing pharmaceuticals, which are very sensitive to transportation conditions. A Gurtam partner suggested using GPS fleet tracking systems Wialon to comply with the requirements of carrying such goods. KLOUDIP have already had a similar experience in refrigerated transportation monitoring, so they solved the following tasks of the project successfully:

  • to monitor the cargo location;
  • to control every pharmaceutical consignment independently; 
  • to support temperature conditions both inside the vehicle and at the warehouse;
  • to control the safety and integrity of the drug’s packaging.


KLOUDID, a Gurtam partner and a provider of telematics solutions from Sri Lanka offered a complete solution consisting of the following components: Wialon + Sensolator + EMS app + GPS tracker + temperature, humidity sensors and door opening detection hardware with vibration alarm option.

  • Wialon helps the carrier employees track vehicles in real-time;
  • Sensolator from Gurtam is used to visualize data from dozens of sensors.
  • EMS app is developed by KLOUDIP based on Wialon, and it is used by dispatchers to track their goods. Thus, different monitoring interfaces were created for the operator and the dispatcher.
  • Cellotrack Nano from Pointer – wireless sensors of temperature and humidity are connected to this tracker, they collect all the data and send it to Wialon, where the operator registers any deviations. KLOUDID ensures a stable work of 16 Bluetooth sensors connected to a single device.  This allowed decreasing installation costs and avoiding cables pile-up in the back of the truck.
  • Temperature and humidity sensors, door opening detection hardware with the vibration alarm option guarantee proper sealing of the unit and immediate actions if the cargo entity is violated, and help to support the required microclimate in the containers with medicines.


More than 30 refrigerators are controlled with the help of Wialon. This allowed the large logistic company achieving the following results:


The preservation of the expensive drugs increased during transportation due to temperature and humidity control, and door opening detection hardware with the vibration alarm option.


Clients of the large logistics company don’t lose money because of damaged or spoiled drugs anymore.


Medications of the required quality are delivered to the consignee timely.

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Company profile

Country: Sri Lanka
Business sphere: Long-haul transportation
Monitoring unit: Perishable products

Implemented products

Wialon Hosting

Implemented hardware

CelloTrack Nano
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