Fleet control for the Philippine poultry products manufacturer

IoT project of the year 2021


Excellence Poultry and Livestock Specialist Inc. is one of the largest companies in the Philippines involved in the production, sales, and marketing of veterinary medicines, vaccines, animal breeding products, etc. The company works with breeders, veterinary clinics, and poultry farms across the country.

Excellence wants to stand out from the competition and prove the highest level of its products and client service. As the animal medicine market is rapidly evolving, the company sees an excellent opportunity to expand its customer base. This requires a greater number of workers and leads to higher overhead costs.


In order to reduce labor costs and increase work efficiency, the RIL Technology Systems telematics service provider offered a simple yet effective solution. 

The provider installed Ruptla FM Eco4 GPS trackers on the client’s cars. The model has been chosen for its waterproof characteristics, essential for working in harsh environments like farmlands or mountains.

The devices are integrated with Wialon. This allows the company to track its vehicles, better manage its fleet, and optimize delivery schedules.


The client has received an efficient monitoring tool and is now thinking about better fuel management with fuel sensors and Wialon.

193 vehicles connected

Excellence is planning to increase the number up to 250.

Quick result

The client has already hit the target sales numbers despite the pandemic.

Efficient budgeting

The solution helps avoid unnecessary expenses and get the most from available resources.

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Company profile

Country: Philippines
IoT project of the year nomination: Local deliveries
Business sphere: Local deliveries
Monitoring unit: Delivery services, Cars

Implemented products

Wialon Hosting

Implemented hardware

Ruptela FM Eco4

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