Monitoring of corporate vehicles in Sri Lanka with NimBus


Several large companies from Sri Lanka had difficulties with corporate shuttle buses. They were often late, drivers violated traffic rules, passengers did not arrive on time at the bus stops, and drivers had to wait for them. All these negatively affected the quality of transport services. The companies needed the solution to manage their transport services and a mobile application for passengers. 


KLOUDIP, our partner from Sri Lanka, offered a complex GPS fleet tracking solution.

  • The KLOUDIP specialists trained the clients to configure routes in NimBus, assign vehicles and drivers to them, create stops, and monitor the shuttle buses’ location online. They also developed a mobile application for passengers.
  • QR codes contain the route, stops, schedule, ETA (expected time of arrival) details, and the real-time location of the vehicle. The codes were sent to the employees by e-mail or posted at the pickup points where passengers could scan them. Some companies placed QR codes on their intranet web pages.
  • Wialon Eco Driving module was configured to monitor the driving behavior of each driver. If the driver had many violations, he was sent for additional training.


Driving quality


Waiting time has been reduced

for company employees

The decrease in the number

of road accidents

The quality of transportation services improved

and now passengers and drivers follow the schedule

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Company profile

Country: Sri Lanka
Business sphere: Passenger transportation
Monitoring unit: Corporate transport

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Wialon Hosting
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