Fleet management of a petroleum product carrier

IoT project of the year 2021



Motor Transport Fuel and Energy Company (AVTEK) is engaged in road transportation of petroleum products in Russia. The company asked the Wialon partner Montrans to develop a system that could solve the following problems:

  • inefficient use of vehicles, including fuel consumption during idle time;
  • inability to control drivers, their driving behavior, and the work-rest schedule;
  • non-compliance with speed limits;
  • inability to plan routes and stops, and control route deviations.


The partner developed a solution that uses Wialon to control and distribute vehicles, optimize delivery in the most appropriate time, and control drivers. At the moment, Wialon receives numerous parameters via the CAN bus, according to which reports are configured: engine speed, axle load, fuel consumption, engine load, etc. The monitoring system also controls work and rest standards, authorized routes within geofences, and speed limits. Displaying CAN bus parameters online allows you to save on additional devices.

First, specialists equipped tank trucks with telematics terminals. They wanted to get the maximum number of parameters from the CAN bus; now, more than 15 parameters are transferred to Wialon. At the second stage of the project implementation, they installed tachographs, configured the system and reports.

Transportation of dangerous goods such as oil products must comply with Russian legislation, international and customer requirements. The implementation of a Wialon-based solution allows the customer to control compliance with the rules and legislation.


Now, the entire customer's fleet is under total control at every stage, from loading to delivery completion. All company departments use the received data for their own purposes, which improves the overall company performance.

Legal requirements

The solution monitors compliance with regulations on dangerous goods transportation and relevant legislation.


This is how much the fuel costs have been reduced.

Vehicle fleet and operational costs reduction

The fleet was reduced by 8 vehicles while increasing the trip turnover.

Route optimization

The system allows the user to determine the optimal route and understand how quickly the trip from point A to point B can be made.

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Company profile

IoT project of the year nomination: Fuel transportation and storage
Business sphere: Mining and processing
Monitoring unit: Freight vehicle

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