Fuel management solution for a fuel dispensing tracking system

IoT project of the year 2022

iot project of the year 2022


The client is an agricultural company that is involved in different types of activities: cattle breeding, dairy production, and so on. Its fleet contains 141 vehicles and consumes a lot of fuel. Lack of fuel control and its unauthorized use led to significant losses amounting to $40 thousand per month. 

The weakest links included:

  • missing dispensing system management. The client didn’t control who dispensed the fuel, at what time, what was the exact volume of fuel dispensed and into what vehicle;
  • paper-based logging;
  • human factor. A dispatcher responsible for fuel dispensing was autonomous; lack of control could lead to an error or fraud;
  • lack of strategic vision of fuel control within the company.

To prevent fuel theft, the company decided to implement a fuel management solution that would help control the whole petroleum delivery cycle, automate fuel dispensing at gas stations, and exclude dispatchers from the processes.


Avtoskan, our partner from the CA region, started the project with a thorough analysis of the current fuel dispensing tracking system used by the client. After that, they came up with a fuel theft solution that combined a Wialon-based fuel management system, electronic fleet dispensers, GPS trackers, and third-party products. 

The hardware part of the fuel management solution includes:

  • Exzotron EFL-6.0 (9-36В) fuel dispenser that shows the best price-quality ratio;
  • Galileosky 7x GPS tracker that is installed on a dispensing system and controls it through preset algorithms. 

The collected data is sent to the Wialon GPS tracking system. Its diverse reports help visualize fuel consumption per asset. The dashboard provides a comprehensive view of dispensing operations remotely and in real time.

reports in fuel management solution

Building reports in the fuel management solution

The fuel dispensing monitoring system integrates with the following products: 

  • Server Exzotron Bot 1.0 software for fuel card management and integration to identify drivers arriving at a gas station.The software allows the client to capture accurate fuel data and establish fuel limits per driver;

Exzotron fuel card management

Exzotron fuel card management

  • Exzotron Telegram bot to conveniently use the above-mentioned system in the field; 

Exzotron fuel management solution bot

Exzotron fuel management solution bot

  • 1С CRM that automatically receives data from Wialon’s reports via API.

reports in 1c from fuel management solution data

1C and the fuel dispensing management system integration

Our partner carried out installation and maintenance works in areas with high-voltage equipment at old petroleum stations. Also, they provided 24/7 dedicated technical support. 


The fuel management solution by Avtoskan tracks fuel through seamless processes and automatic reporting.

Fuel consumption reduced by 15%

The system helps reduce risks of fuel waste and abuse.

Over $35,000 saved per year

The company reduced its fuel consumption thanks to full control over fuel dispensers.

Process automation

A driver gets fuel in a volume preset by the client’s limits.

More efficient management

The company’s employees don’t participate in a fuel distribution cycle and could spend work hours on more valuable tasks.

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Company profile

Country: Kazakhstan
IoT project of the year nomination: Fuel transportation and storage
Business sphere: Agriculture

Implemented hardware

Galileosky 7x

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