GPS fuel tracking system based on integration of Wialon and Topaz platforms

IoT project of the year 2022

iot project of the year 2022


JSC Nadezhda has a fleet of 70 vehicles and specializes in crop cultivation. The organization was looking for a solution to manage their GPS fuel tracking system data and facilitate fuel tracking. 

  • The company used the Topaz fuel dispensing management system data to count how much fuel came out of the refueler during the vehicle tank filling process.

  • The Wialon reports helped JSC Nadezhda learn how much fuel actually got into the vehicle tank. Hence, the enterprise accountant had to manually compare the reports from Topaz and Wialon, which was inconvenient and time-consuming. 

  • The company also had problems comparing the spent fuel and data from fuel sensors in Wialon.


JSC Nadezhda turned to Avtoscan Service Asia to integrate the two platforms to be able to get all the necessary data from a single GPS fuel tracking system.

  • Firstly, the Wialon partner contacted the owner of Topaz and learned that the solution doesn’t have an API. All the data was sent via a database file immediately to the accounting app, and the developer wasn’t planning to integrate Topaz with a third-party GPS fuel tracking system.

  • Avtoscan Service Asia decided to develop an app for Wialon to solve the data synchronization problem between the two systems so that the client could effortlessly control fuel consumption.

  • As the fuel data in the Topaz is password-locked, the system wasn't integrated directly into Wialon. The client was offered an opportunity to download the refueling file from Topaz and upload it to Autoscan’s app instead. The app, in its turn, would send data to Wialon directly.

  • As a result, the client can view the fuel data From the Topaz system in one Wialon report tailored to the client’s request.

Avtoscan Service Asia provides technical support to the client for this project. An employee carries out the support regularly during the company’s working hours.

The Wialon partner also trained the client on how to use the solution for the GPS fuel tracking system.


Now, JSC Nadezhda can effortlessly control fuel consumption of the enterprise as all the necessary fuel data can be collected from a single Wialon report.

Process automation

The client’s accountant doesn’t have to manually compare several reports to learn how much fuel got into the tank during refueling.

Theft detection

The client's employees don’t attempt to steal fuel as discrepancies between the fuel amount dispensed from the refueler and reaching the vehicle tank are visible.


The client has all the necessary fuel data collected in one GPS fuel tracking system.

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IoT project of the year nomination: Fuel transportation and storage
Business sphere: Agriculture
Monitoring unit: Agricultural machinery

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