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Mahlubi Transport and Plant Hire, South Africa, specializes in road, water pipeline, and reservoir construction services. Established in 2001, the company owns a fleet of 100 vehicles and plans to expand it with 100 more machines. Mahlubi Transport and Plant Hire were looking for a GPS tracking solution that would allow them to improve customer service and avoid certain financial losses:

  • A fuel level monitoring system in South Africa is a must, as the so-called gold liquid often becomes a subject to theft in the country. This way, the client used to lose the fuel amount equal to $15700 every month. So they needed a fuel tank monitoring system to cope with the problem.

  • The company’s managing director, Siviwe Radebe, believes that the leader should be on the project site to inspire the team and ensure the quality of work. As a result, he spends most of his time out of the office and needed a fuel theft control system with push notifications to get the latest fleet data at any time, even on the construction site.

  • For better staff, cargo, and vehicle safety, the customer also required a driver behavior monitoring solution.

  • To save the construction materials from being stolen, the client wanted to know when a tipper truck delivers a load each time.

  • Mahlubi Transport and Plant Hire were also looking for ways of fine-tuning customer service. Therefore, they needed a tracking solution that would allow sharing vehicle locations with clients.


Client’s machines at work


Tracking Africa, South Africa, provided Mahlubi Transport and Plant Hire with a Wialon-based fuel theft control system and helped solve several other client’s issues.

  • All the vehicles were equipped with the Teltonika FMB120 trackers, Streamax C6DV5.0-A cameras, and radio frequency backup devices.

  • To ensure proper fuel monitoring, tipper trucks, water carts, graders, low beds, and excavators were equipped with Escort fuel level sensors TD-BLE.

  • Tracking Africa specialists reinforced the fuel tank monitoring system with Trakfuel Bluetooth tank caps that were installed on some tipper trucks.

fuel monitoring

A fuel cap with a fuel level sensor 

  • A freestanding fuel tank in Mahlubi’s yard also obtained its Teltonika FMB120 tracker and a Bluetooth TRAK Smart Fuel Cap. In this case, the hardware is powered from a local security hut nearby.

  • Wialon processes the data collected by the GPS equipment and presents it to the customer in the form of maps, reports, and notifications. Wialon’s Sensolator and Dashboard help track all the high-risk vehicles in one place and conveniently view the overall fleet stats. In the project, the platform also acts as the fuel monitoring system that records all the fuel-related data. 

fuel monitoring system south africa

The fuel cap opening detected

  • The Wialon mobile app allows the company’s managing director and other employees in charge to access the fuel monitoring and other GPS data at any time and place.

  • Wialon is also used for driver behavior monitoring. Now, the client can assess drivers and educate the ones with poor driving skills or detect those who violate the rules.

  • The client also has an opportunity to share the location data with customers, contractors, and repair technicians, thanks to the Wialon Locator.

  • Notifications from Wialon are redirected to Telegram, the messenger preferred by the customer.

Tracking Africa has ensured the training and 24/7 technical support for the client. The support specialists monitor notifications and inform the tactical response teams of the stolen or hijacked vehicles. 

A 24/7 support desk is also available to respond to any client’s questions.

The partner’s field technicians are ready to come for assistance and cope with technical issues.


The fuel theft control system implemented by Tracking Africa helped Mahlubi Transport and Plant Hire save fuel from being stolen and, as a result, avoid considerable financial losses. The client also benefits from various Wialon features such as the ability to share location, driver behavior, convenient dashboard, and others.

4,500 liters of fuel are saved

every month thanks to the fuel management with Wialon, Teltonica trackers, Escort sensors, and Trak Bluetooth caps.

Effortless access to data

Thanks to the Wialon mobile app, the director and other employees can look through the tracking data not in the office only, but also on the construction sites.

Better customer service

The clients of Mahlubi Transport and Plant Hire can learn where the vehicles are as their location has become shareable.

Construction materials are under control

The client can follow the location of tipper trucks with construction materials. The data on trips, stops, and arrival time is always at hand. So it’s not hard to track when the vehicle suspiciously deviates from the route or stops for illegal unloading.

Transparent employee charging

Now, the client can track the hours the machines spend working on construction sites and pay employees accordingly.

Careful driving is ensured

Driver monitoring by Wialon allows the construction company to detect troublesome employees and save money on unauthorized trips, traffic fines, wrecked equipment, and other issues caused by an uncareful driver.

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Country: South Africa
IoT project of the year nomination: Construction and demolition
Business sphere: Construction
Monitoring unit: Construction machinery
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