Improving the operation of telematics equipment in conditions of poor network coverage

IoT project of the year 2021


LLC GazNefteHolding provides services for the storage of oil, gas, and products of their processing. The largest oil and gas companies in the region are among its clients. The customer's vehicle fleet contains several hundred units of equipment for the transportation of fossil minerals.

The main work on oil and gas production takes place in remote regions, with poor mobile network coverage and a weak GPS/GLONASS signal. Therefore, the customer often faced problems when sending data to the Wialon server.


The 76 Oil Tyumen integrator offered to put two SIM cards into the Galileosky 7x2 navigation terminal and configure the terminal to switch between cards depending on which signal is stronger at the moment of data transfer.

The terminal sends information mentioning the telecom operator connected at a given time. Wialon receives this information using a specially designed sensor. After that, when building a track, Wialon highlights the current operator using the color associated with it. By this color identification, the user can see the operator worked during the specific route part of the vehicle.


LLC GazNefteHolding earlier connected their vehicle fleet to Wialon. Now, thanks to the finalization of the solution within the framework of the project, the client has received a more stable connection between the monitoring equipment and the platform and can react to any troublesome situations with the vehicle immediately.

Monitoring 24/7

The terminal connects to the operator that provides the best signal here and now, reducing the periods of vehicle unavailability.

Real coverage data

The customer sees the actual situation with the mobile network coverage and can use this information in further work.

Communication availability

It was important for the client that the equipment displayed its location without interruption. In difficult conditions and in the event of an emergency, it is necessary to provide timely assistance to an employee in trouble.

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