Digital transformation of supply chain and fleet management, Egypt

IoT project of the year 2021

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Sky Logistics rents out construction machinery for different companies and is a leading supply chain and transportation service provider working with the largest manufacturers of heavy machinery, oil and gas in the world. The company has a fleet that delivers equipment across Egypt. 

Sky Logistics wanted to automate the day-to-day operations of their fleet, increase the efficiency of their operations and reduce costs. So they turned to Cloud Services Group (CSG), a major telematics service provider.


CSG’s solution consists of several components: 

  • Wialon as a telematics platform to collect Sky Logistics fleet operations data;
  • Logistics to monitor and automate order dispatching from A to Z;
  • CSG’s Fleet Edge Master product that streamlines data from Wialon and Logistics and displays it to operators in charge.

Fleet Edge Master includes 11 modules that rely on Wialon and enable operators and business owners to plan, manage and operate their fleet resources, including:

  • fleet management for planning a route and assigning a driver or a vehicle;
  • missions planning for selecting a route and tracking a vehicle with a system of checkpoints and notifications,
  • transportation orders management used for logistics and delivery services;
  • vehicles tracking that monitors drivers and vehicles and collects their performance data for reports;
  • staff tracking mobile app that tracks fleet staff, assigns missions, and ensures communication on the route and in the field;
  • smart monitoring that connects to sensors and controls cargo temperature, weight, access control, etc.
  • fleet assets management for financial and accounting management.

Within the project, every client’s vehicle in the fleet has got equipped with Android tablets connected to the solution. They display data to drivers, show notifications, and keep them updated.


Currently, the integrator’s team is discussing with the client the possibility to implement a command and control center that will use large screens and display all the client’s vehicles. This would provide 360-degree visibility on their fleet operations 24/7.

50% of time saved on transportation

The solution has reduced the average time spent on delivery by half.

30% less time spent at a checkpoint

Better monitoring ensures that drivers spend 20 minutes at each checkpoint instead of 30 like it was before the solution implementation.

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Company profile

Country: Egypt
IoT project of the year nomination: Construction and demolition
Business sphere: Construction
Monitoring unit: Freight vehicle

Implemented products

Wialon Hosting
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