Concrete delivery in Brazil


Concrete/cement manufacturer wanted to optimize the end product delivery routes to construction sites. Optimization was implying spending less fuel and saving more money. Besides, the client wanted to be able to prevent unauthorized stops and rides to avoid concrete thefts.  


With Wialon SDK, the partner developed ReadyMixTracking. This solution takes raw data from GPS fleet tracking system Wialon and presents it in an easy-to-understand form. 

Parameters that the customized telematics solution tracks:

  • The concrete mixer availability;
  • The mixer location and the current delivery step (loading, being on the way to the site, on site, or back to the plant);
  • Unauthorized stops;
  • Discharge start time and duration (to control the concrete quality);
  • The detailed map of the route;
  • The time spent on each delivery step;

The flexible report system allows building detailed and clear charts on each delivery step. Another product by Gurtam – flespi – is used as the solution backend. It is an innovative platform connecting telematics hardware of any type to various telematics/BI/IoT systems.



Reduction of operation costs by 15-20%


of the time management efficiency


One of the local manufacturers bought an exclusive right to use ReadyMixTracking


Location solutions company successfully implements the solution in the Middle East

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Company profile

Country: Brazil
Business sphere: Construction
Monitoring unit: Сoncrete mixer

Implemented products

Wialon Hosting
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