Wialon joins forces with BICS and Tazi 360 to streamline oil transport monitoring in Africa

6 January, 2021
Alena Kashkevich

BICS, the connectivity provider, and Tazi360, the Wialon partner, leveraged the power of Wialon to create a state-of-the-art solution that helped an African oil transportation company arrange the monitoring of 220 trucks. This collaboration resulted in a tangible profit for the client, whereas the previous tracking system couldn’t meet the company’s challenges for several reasons:

  • The previous monitoring solution didn’t imply the work with real-time data. Besides, the customer was trying to find a way to cope with low coverage issues.
  • As fuel theft is a headache in many African countries, the transportation company needed equipment and capabilities to cope with this problem. 
  • The client was also searching for an eco-driving solution to reduce road accidents and fuel consumption.

How do the connectivity provider and Wialon partner cooperate?

BICS ensures connectivity of the system components, Wialon is in charge of the monitoring functionality, and Tazi360 has integrated the whole solution into the client’s business ecosystem. 

  • The combination of BICS and Wialon eliminates the problem of intermittent GPS signal, making the network connection fast and stable. BICS' SIM for Things was adopted byTazi360 to employ connectivity based on GSM technology with two networks per country in the sub-region where they operate. It ensured premium coverage and redundancy, and access to a web-based interface, allowing them to manage and control their connectivity in real-time.
  • Tazi360 has chosen Ruptela FM-Eco4+S GPS trackers for the project. These devices are damage-resistant and can effortlessly operate in harsh weather conditions.
  • Geofences in Wialon play a significant role in the solution. They highlight prohibited places, road sections with speed limits, and routes. As a result, the customer can get alarm messages if a driver visits questionable locations, doesn’t care about the speed limits, or ignores the pre-defined routes. 
  • The client receives notifications from Wialon on many widespread violations, e.g., overspeeding, night driving, idling, harsh driver behavior like hard acceleration and heavy braking, fuel thefts and refueling, stopping in the prohibited areas, driving along the wrong route. The system also informs dispatchers about the loss of a signal and when a unit enters a geofence zone or leaves it.


The map with the list of violations

  • Reporting is also performed on the Wialon side. The client can take advantage of various reports like trips, driver behavior violations, driving at night, failed connection, fuel level monitoring data, and refueling and thefts.
  • Tazi 360 used the fuel tank level sensor as the basic element for fighting against fuel thefts. 
  • Wialon’s eco-driving functionality helps control driver behavior and, as a result, reduce fuel consumption and extend the equipment’s service life.
  • Tazi360 employed a software development provider to integrate an accounting system Sage with Wialon via API.

The well-deserved success!

Thanks to the Wialon and BICS technical teams, an African oil transportation company had all the necessary support and accompaniment in specific technical implementation issues. And as it often happens, there was some initial convincing of customers to switch to this new system; the clients turned out to be open to the new opportunities. All because the tangible results were not long in coming. The united efforts of Tazi360, BICS, and Wialon allowed the client to reduce fuel consumption by 40 % and started saving approximately $ 45,000 every month. 

More achievements

  • Wialon’s eco-driving functionality helps control driver behavior. As a result, the customer’s truck operators improve professionally and do their job more carefully. It allows preventing road accidents and extending the service life of vehicles.
  • Thanks to the improved connectivity and Wialon, the customer has real-time data always at hand. The GPS signal is stable, and the trackers are online most of the time.
  • The client’s drivers are aware of fuel level sensors inside the petrol tanks. They realize that theft won’t go unnoticed and don’t try to steal fuel.

If you feel that your transportation business needs a monitoring solution with enhanced connectivity like this one, feel free to contact BICS and Tazi360. 

If you are an integrator with a successful project to share, write to us at marketing@gurtam.com. We’ll be happy to know about your achievements. The most remarkable stories will appear on our blog.

Alena Kashkevich
Alena Kashkevich
Alena is a Senior Copywriter at Gurtam. Her posts are always packed with data and real-life examples that Wialon partners can put straight into action.


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