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IoT project of the year 2021

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This project was implemented to monitor the integrator’s own office equipment. However, almost any company with an office and employees is well aware of the problems that can be solved by monitoring computers:

  • Careless staff. Some employees interfere with the machine operation or replace components, etc. without authorization.
  • Equipment replaced too late. A broken computer stops working.
  • Equipment overload and failure. The capacity of some components may be insufficient to keep the operation rate at an appropriate level.


M2MAX NAVIGATSIYA LLC has implemented a Wialon-based project that helps solve the problems listed above.

  • Monitoring software for the system resources has been updated so that it can operate with Wialon.
  • A separate computer program with an embedded identificator is compiled for each computer.
  • A folder with the computer program has a text file, in which computer location can be indicated. The height parameter can be used, for example, to show the office number. All this data is sent to the monitoring system.
  • Data containing the designation of the component type and model (for HDD, motherboard, etc.) is transmitted to the system every time the computer is turned on or off. A time limit for data transmission regarding operating characteristics is given separately.


Computer operation monitoring with Wialon

The company plans to elaborate a solution for software-oriented monitoring.


M2MAX NAVIGATSIYA has developed a solution that can significantly facilitate the monitoring of operation and use of computers in companies with many employees.

The solution makes it possible to control the utilized capacity of computers, keep records of hours worked, and check if the equipment requires upgrading. It also allows the prevention of component substitution.

Performance monitoring

The solution allows the company to check how well the equipment handles the workload and to find out which components need to be replaced to enhance performance.

Staff control

Through recording computer operating time, it is now possible to control whether the employees comply with the operational procedures and to spot components substitution.

Timely equipment upgrade

The solution makes it easier to detect when the computer parts need to be replaced.

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