Preventing road accidents with Wialon in Russia



The big vehicle fleet operator from St. Petersburg (Russia) was facing the issue of frequent road accidents. It affected the carrier’s reputation, the insurance expenses and payments to the victims were rising as well as the vehicles repair costs after the accident.


Global Position, the Gurtam partner, developed a complex Wialon-based solution that consists of the following components:

Wialon + GPS tracker + Mobileye ADAS solution + “Antisleep” device 

  • Mobileye is the hardware and software system that uses a video sensor and unique algorithms to detect and analyze traffic conditions, scan the road and define its users, measure the speed and distance relative to other road users, locate the position of the bus within the traffic lane.
  • “Antisleep” device is installed inside the driver’s compartment. It is another camera that monitors the driver, his well being, and behavior (smoking, sleeping, fatigue, talking on the phone, distracting from the road).
  • Galileosky 7.0, a compact GPS tracker for fleet management, transfers all the data from the sensors and other devices to telematics solution Wialon.


After the first four months of use:


The total number of crashes, collisions, and accidents of other types fell by half


Fuel expenses were reduced by 10%


Driver behavior and discipline were improved by 100%


Accidents expenses were cut down by 60%


Insurance payments reduced by 55%

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Company profile

Business sphere: Passenger transportation
Monitoring unit: Passenger vehicle

Implemented products

Wialon Hosting

Implemented hardware

Galileosky 7x
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