Taxi fleet management system for driver discipline control and more

IoT project of the year 2022

iot project of the year 2022


Back in 2021, Geoservice, a Wialon’s partner from the CA region, developed a Viber bot. Its aim was to handle issues typical for any company in the taxi industry looking for taxi fleet management services: how to avoid car misuse and extra fines from careless drivers that can compromise business growth. The Viber bot was another success in Geoservice’s portfolio of fleet taxi management solutions, and even won an award from the IoT project of the year jury. 

Geoservice decided to go further and build a full-fledged taxi fleet management service called TaxiLogic that could tackle the industry-specific problems:

  • unsafe driving habits that impact a taxi company’s bottom line: long-term parking; penalties caused by mismanaging e-way bills; fines for traffic violations;
  • paper and pencil untimely financial control: a driver receives a lot of fines and leaves, while a company discovers the amount of penalties at a later time; 
  • breach of vehicle maintenance obligations;
  • security risks, including car theft and car accident;
  • problems with regularly assessing fitness to drive. 

One of the fleets that has adopted the taxi fleet management system is Direct Money. It owns about 250 vehicles and rents them to taxi drivers. Direct Money wanted to rent more and safer and in the end improve its bottom line.


The taxi fleet management platform provides a universal solution for any taxi business connected with vehicle rental. It’s based on a simple principle: vehicle tracking data from installed GPS trackers, like Navtelecom SMART S-24xx and other similar models, is sent to Wialon Hosting. The taxi management system proceeds the transmitted data for further use: geofencing, mileage and working time monitoring, vehicle operation tracking, engine management, etc. The platform functionality is backed by flespi.

driver behavior in taxi fleet management system

TaxiLogic web interface, the taxi monitoring system

Besides Wialon and flespi, Geoservice’s solution runs on multiple third-party products integrated: 

  • the biggest taxi aggregators that allow users to monitor driver discipline and working hours around the clock; 
  • a traffic police database: funds are automatically withdrawn from the driver's taximeter in case of breaking traffic rules;
  • a system for automatic transactions between a taxi company and drivers;
  • a built-in database of paid parking, which is updated daily and runs parking sessions itself;
  • medical center software that ensures remote medical examination of drivers;
  • CRM and accounting systems. 

As a taxi management system, the solution provides the dispatcher with several tools:

  • the web interface for thorough reports and deep analytics;
  • Telegram and Viber bots to manage daily tasks on the go. 

Such integrations allow the solution to go beyond just a taxi GPS tracking system, payment apps and driver-passenger communication chats. With the taxi fleet management system, the client the client makes use of numerous benefits:

  • gain real-time tracking and control over their vehicles: exact location, operation zone, speed mode, etc.;
  • automatically or manually block the vehicle depending on the availability and issuance of waybills, start of their shift, and compliance with traffic rules; 
  • track and impose fines for violations;
  • control vehicles by mileage, time, and hours;
  • automate taxi driver employment, dismissal, and transfer;
  • automatically deduct funds from the driver's taximeter to pay for parking and fines.

To welcome the client into taxi management software from day one and boost customer experience and satisfaction, Geoservice provided detailed documentation and organized an onboarding process. 


The taxi fleet management system helps Direct Money digitalize their operations and ensure ultimate control over the rented cars with numerous benefits. The service is evolving and improving, while the number of taxi cars connected to TaxiLogic is drastically increasing.

80% less manual work

The taxi management software frees fleet managers for high-value tasks.

80% increase in profits

Triggered by reduced employee costs and less frequent human error.

Better compliance

Lower risks of fines or damage to the fleet.

24/7 visibility

TaxiLogic tracking system provides analytics for operational decision-making.

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Company profile

IoT project of the year nomination: Public transport
Business sphere: Passenger transportation
Monitoring unit: Passenger vehicle

Implemented products

Wialon Hosting

Implemented hardware

Navtelecom SMART S-24xx

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