Video telematics to prevent fuel theft from the fuel tanker

IoT project of the year 2022

iot project of the year 2022


An agroholding with a fleet of 141 vehicles couldn’t escape typical problems connected with occasional fuel theft and waste. Other challenges included:

  • delivery route optimization; 
  • controlling transportation of combustible materials and stops to prevent fuel theft on the road; 
  • detecting cases of theft and abuse by the personnel;
  • investigating causes of incidents happening with fuel and combustible materials; 
  • assessment of the driver's work, analysis of the work of personnel in case of fuel theft and other emergencies.

To avoid them, they wanted to install a remote fuel monitoring system on a tank truck. That would help fully control the performance of the tank track in real time and get video confirmation in case fuel theft or another incident is detected.

The national legislation obliges companies that transport fuel, gas, and other flammable materials to install video devices on their vehicles. That was another reason why the client wanted to install vehicle video monitoring that would comply with the legal requirements.

The solution was expected to use video surveillance for real-time tracking and playback. 


Avtoscan is a telematics service provider and Wialon’s partner from Central Asia. They provided a vehicle video monitoring solution that would track fuel transportation and record events on the road. 

For the hardware part of the solution, they used SOWA MVR-204 series. It’s an affordable, yet efficient fuel theft prevention camera that provides high resolution. Avtoscan installed devices and ensured their proper testing and functioning. 

After installing the equipment, Avtoscan offered several software products, including the Wialon platform, to the client. The agroholding tried them all and opted for Wialon. The reason was its rich functionality, ready-to-use implementation solutions for different types of MDVR, and a record uptime regardless of the number of connected vehicles. 

Trackers and MDVRs send telematics data and video to the software part of the solution. Now, the client receives geolocation data and tracks their tank truck in Wialon. To watch videos, they use their personal account on the SOWA platform. 

vehicle video monitoring in action

Wialon-based solution to prevent fuel theft

For the convenience sake, Avtoscan has set up data retranslation from SOWA servers to Wialon.


The solution solves all the challenges faced by the client at the start of the project. In the future, they plan to equip three gas stations with the solution in order to ensure vehicle video monitoring over the full cycle of fuel transportation.

Fuel supply control

The system ensures access to all details about fuel transportation and distribution to the fleet.

Prevention of unauthorized use of the vehicle

The client uses Wialon to track the tank truck and avoid unauthorized stops during which fuel can be stolen.

Fact-based work evaluation

The solution allows the client to review the work of drivers and personnel with video footage.

100% legal compliance

The agroholding meets national requirements regarding video surveillance.

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Company profile

Country: Kazakhstan
IoT project of the year nomination: Fuel transportation and storage
Business sphere: Long-haul transportation
Monitoring unit: Freight vehicle

Implemented products

Wialon Hosting

Implemented hardware

SOWA MVR-204 series

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