Wialon helps to control ice cream transportation in Sri Lanka


Ice cream manufacturers faced a problem of perishable product transportation in Sri Lanka. The temperature inside the containers reached almost 35°С above zero because of the tropical climate of the island. At the same time, drivers used to switch off refrigerators in order to save some fuel. As a result, the ice cream melted and became bad. Both shippers and receivers of ice cream suffered considerable losses. 


Kloudip, a telematics service provider from Sri Lanka, has successfully solved it having implemented Wialon tracking system in the workflow of a big ice cream manufacturer. The following components were used for achieving the best result: 

Wialon + Queclink + Sensolator

  • GPS trackers send and receive telematics data, monitor speed and the location of objects. Since the client's routes are quite lengthy (about 250 km), they installed hardware with long-life batteries in all the units. It helped to prevent communication failures and data losses on complicated road sections.

  • Queclink temperature sensors controlled the temperature inside the containers.

  • Sensolator is used for visual control of the temperature data received from the containers. If the temperature rises, the operator instantly receives a notification from the application.


Wialon controls more than 50 of reefer containers. It helped the client of Kloudip to save money and increase revenue. The following results were achieved:


The ice cream manufacturer came up with 60% savings compared to the previous year not having to take in the returned melted ice cream


The company saved over 35% on their labor and cargo transportation costs while their staff didn’t have to take in the melted ice cream and ship substitutes of the goods

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Company profile

Country: Sri Lanka
Business sphere: Long-haul transportation
Monitoring unit: Perishable products
Website: www.kloudip.com

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Wialon Hosting
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