AR Series

AR Series
Manufacturer: Oigo Telematics
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Number of units

Supported in Wialon:
  • Communication via UDP

The following data should also be added to AR Series unit properties section of Wialon GPS tracking software :

Device type: AR Series
Unique ID: imei

Specify the following parameters in configuration software or configuration AR Series for use in Wialon Hosting :

Server port: 21126

1171 units of AR Series device type are connected to Wialon Data Center. This represents 0.05% of all AVL Hardware connected.

Below chart represents the dynamic of connections in the last 30 days:

Parameter name Description Units
hdop An indication of the quality of the received signal
rssi Relative indication of the RF signal strength seen by the device
main_pwr Indicates the voltage of the power source 10 mV
backup_pwr Indicates the voltage of a secondary power source 10 mV
gpio_status GPIO Status
gpio_dir GPIO Direction
odometer Odometer km
baseband_ver Indicates the software release version of the baseband subsystem.

Indicates the current release of the application running on a given

assembly Board assembly
rev Indicates the revision of the assembly
io_ver Indicates the software release version of the I/O processor
change_bit Is set if the original configuration has been altered with one or more user commands

Indicates the version of the configuration installed on the device


1 - Power-Up (Power up report)
2 - Heart Beat (Periodic report)
3 - BuB Heart Beat (Periodic report when running from backup battery)
4 - BuB On (Switched to backup battery (main power loss))
5 - BuB Off (Switched back from BuB to main power)
6 - Power Drop (External power dropped below +XPWL threshold)
7 - Power Restore (External power raised above +XPWL threshold)
12 - Relay High (RLY state changed from 0 → 1)
13 - Relay Low (RLY state changed from 1 → 0)
14 - Ignition High (Ignition state changed from low → high)
15 - Ignition Low (Ignition state changed from high → low)
16 - GPS Locked (Valid GPS)
17 - GPS Unlocked (Invalid GPS)
18 - IP Changed (Local IP address changed)
19 - Speeding Start (Speed raised above specified threshold)
20 - Speeding Stop (Speed dropped below specified threshold)
22 - Drive Trip - Start (Trip Started)
23 - Drive Trip - End (Trip Ended)
24 - Moving (Recurring event while in “trip” and moving)
25 - Stopped (Recurring event while stopped)
26 - Heading Change (Changed heading by a specified degree while in “trip”)
27 - Drive Distance (Recurring event passing specified distance while in “trip”)
28 - Tow Alert (Vehicle moving with ignition off)
30 - Idling Alert (Vehicle is Idle)
31 - Now Report (Response to Report Now command)
32 - Periodic Reset (Scheduled “reset” took place)
33 - Trip Odometer (Virtual Trip Odometer reached specified threshold)
34 - Maintenance (Maintenance Periodic Report)
37 - GP1 High (GP1 state changed from 0 → 1)
38 - GP1 Low (GP1 state changed from 1 → 0)
39 - GP2 High (GP2 state changed from 0 → 1)
40 - GP2 Low (GP2 state changed from 1 → 0)
41 - GP3 High (GP3 state changed from 0 → 1)
42 - GP3 Low (GP3 state changed from 1 → 0)
43 - GP4 High (GP4 state changed from 0 → 1)
44 - GP4 Low (GP4 state changed from 1 → 0)
64 - Power Save (External power dropped below +XPWS threshold)
65 - Power Normal (External power raised above +XPWS threshold)
96-111 - Geo-Fence Enter (Second digit of event indicates geo-fence number)
112-127 - Geo-Fence Exit (Second digit of event indicates geo-fence number)

All device models 2G, 3G, CDMA are supported.

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