Ruptela Plug5

Ruptela Plug5
Manufacturer: Ruptela
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Number of units

Features Ruptela Plug5:
  • 4G/LTE
  • Blackbox
  • BLE enabled
Supported in Wialon:
  • Accelerometer
  • CAN-bus support
  • ECO driving
  • Communication via TCP
  • Communication via UDP

The following data should also be added to Ruptela Plug5 unit properties section of Wialon GPS tracking software :

Device type: Ruptela Plug5
Unique ID: imei

Specify the following parameters in configuration software or configuration Ruptela Plug5 for use in Wialon Hosting :

Server port: 22504

22 units of Ruptela Plug5 device type are connected to Wialon Data Center. This represents 0.03% of all OBD trackers connected.

Below chart represents the dynamic of connections in the last 30 days:

Parameter name Description Units
avl_driver IButton value
axle_N_weight Axle N weight
bat_alertN Tire N sensor battery alert. 0 - no warning, 1 - warning
battery Battery Voltage
battery_current Battery Current
can_acc_pedal CANBUS AccPedal position
can_amb_air_temp CANBUS ambient air temperature
can_axle_loc CANBUS Axle location
can_axle_weight CANBUS Axle1 weight
can_breaks CANBUS BreakS
can_clutchs CANBUS ClutchS
can_coolant_temp CANBUS coolant temperature
can_cruisecs CANBUS CruiseCS
can_diagnostic CANBUS diagnostics supported
can_distance CANBUS Distance
can_driver1_card CANBUS driver 1 card
can_driver1_state CANBUS driver 2 state
can_driver1_time CANBUS driver 1 time
can_driver2_card CANBUS driver 2 card
can_driver2_time CANBUS driver 2 time
can_eng_hours CANBUS Engine Hours
can_eng_plcs CANBUS Engine PLCS
can_first_driver_id1 CANBUS First Driver Id 1
can_first_driver_id2 CANBUS First Driver Id 2
can_fms CANBUS FMS software
can_fuel_economy CANBUS fuel economy
can_fuel_rate CANBUS fuel rate
can_fuel_used CANBUS Fuel used
can_handle_inf CANBUS handling information
can_hfrc CANBUS HRFC
can_horas CANBUS horas
can_over_speed CANBUS over speed
can_pto CANBUS PTO
can_ptostate CANBUS PTOstate
can_request CANBUS request supported
can_rpm CANBUS RPM
can_second_driver_id1 CANBUS Second Driver Id 1
can_second_driver_id2 CANBUS Second Driver Id 2
can_service_dist CANBUS service distance
can_sys_event CANBUS system event
can_techograph CANBUS tachograph
can_tech_org_speed CANBUS tachograph vehicle speed
can_tech_perf CANBUS tachograph performance
can_temp_refr CANBUS refrigerator temperature
can_tire_loc CANBUS Tire location
can_veh_id CANBUS Vehicle Full Id
can_veh_id1 CANBUS Vehicle Id 1
can_veh_id2 CANBUS Vehicle Id 2
can_veh_id3 CANBUS Vehicle Id 3
can_veh_motion CANBUS vehicle motion
can_wbspeed CANBUS WBSpeed
com_loss_alertN Sensor loss of communication alert. 0 - no warning, 1 - loss of communication
course_record Course record
current_profile Current Profile
ddd Smart card data
distance_record Distance record
driver_act Driver activity
driver_status_changed Shows if driver status has changed
driver_status Driver status
eng_rpm_max Engine RPM max
eng_rpm_min Engine RPM min
eng_temp Engine temperature
eng_temp_max Engine temperature max
eng_temp_min Engine temperature min
fuel_lvl Fuel level %
gsm_operator GSM Operator
gsm_signal GSM Signal Strength
harsh_braking Harsh braking
hdop HDOP
ID IButton value
io_1_24 Tacho_ddd_available
io_1_25 Security_info
io_2_18 Fuel counter 1
io_2_19 Fuel counter 2
io_2_20 Fuel counter 3
io_2_21 Fuel counter 4
io_4_31 External PDFD panel info
io_caused IO Data ID which caused record
io_N_M Number M parameter of N bytes
last_driver_status Last driver status
leak_alertN Tire N leakage alert. 0 - no warning, 1 - leakage detected
modem_temp Modem temperature
movement_sens Movement Sensor
msg_received Garmin text message has been received
msg_status_received Garmin status message has been received
odometer Virtual Odometer
pcb_temp PCB Temperature
power Power Supply Voltage
pr_thN Tire N Pressure Threshold Detection. Indicates the pressure state of tire N. States: 0 - extreme over pressure, 1 - over pressure, 2 - no warning pressure, 3 - under pressure, 4 - extreme under pressure, 5 - not defined, 6 - error indicator, 7 - not available
rcu_statusN Tire N RCU status. 0 - no warning, 1 - loss of RF reception function, 2 - loss of RS485 network communication, 4 - loss of CAN network communication
return can_direction CANBUS direction indicator
s_modeN Tire N sensor mode
speed_max Max speed
speed_min Min speed
tco_distance TCO Dsitance
tco_driver1_card TCO first driver card
tco_driver1_id TCO first Driver Full ID
tco_driver1_id1 TCO first Driver ID 1
tco_driver1_id2 TCO first Driver ID 2
tco_driver1_state TCO first driver state
tco_driver2_card TCO second driver card
tco_driver2_id TCO second Driver Full ID
tco_driver2_id1 TCO second Driver ID 1
tco_driver2_id2 TCO second Driver ID 2
tco_driver2_state TCO second driver state
tco_reg_num1 TCO registration number 1
tco_reg_num2 TCO registration number 2
tco_rpm TCO RPM
tco_trip TCO trip
tco_veh_id TCO Vehicle Full ID
tco_veh_id1 TCO Vehicle ID 1
tco_veh_id2 TCO Vehicle ID 2
tco_veh_id3 TCO Vehicle ID 3
tco_veh_speed TCO vehicle speed
temp_sens_0 Temperature Sensor 0
temp_sens_1 Temperature Sensor 1
temp_sens_2 Temperature Sensor 2
temp_sens_id0 Temp sensor ID 0
temp_sens_id1 Temp sensor ID 1
temp_sens_id2 Temp sensor ID 2
time_record Time record
tire_locN Tire N location. The low order 4 bits represent a position number, counting left to right when facing in the direction of normal vehicle travel (forward). The high order 4 bits (MSB) represent a position number, counting front to back on the vehicle
tire_pressureN Tire N pressure kPa
tire_tempN Tire N temperature °C
t_thN Tire N Temperature Threshold Detection. Indicates the temperature state of tire N. States: 0 - over temperature, 1 - no warning temperature, 2 - under temperature, 3 - not available / error indicator / not defined
vehicle_dist Vehicle distance
accelerometer_x/y/z​ X/Y/Z-axis acceleration
engine_on ECO engine on timer (IO 139) s
wln_accel_max maximum acceleration value g
wln_brk_max maximum deceleration value g
wln_crn_max cornering g

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