CMSv6 App


CMSv6 is a video processing platform that transmits multimedia files from MDVRs to perform real-time remote video monitoring, GPS positioning, video storage, vehicle scheduling, and so on.

Its integration with Wialon ensures seamless transmission of video from all the MDVR devices that work with CMSv6: a live stream gets to the server with CMSv6 deployed on it, where it is converted into a relevant format and sent to Wialon.

As a result CMSv6 integration with Wialon, the end-user gets:

  • Live stream. Video is displayed in the video player in Wialon in real-time.
  • Video playback. The end-user watches historical records stored in the MDVR’s memory or on the CMSV6 storage server.
  • Video downloading. If the device is online, the end-user can send a request to save the video on the CMSV6 storage server.
  • Picture snapshots. The feature allows users to save real-time pictures.

The functionality applies both to Wialon Hosting and Wialon Local.


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Language support

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