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The system consists of 3 elements. T1 Shipping tracks the long-distance trips and manages the first few steps of the logistics process. T2 Delivery is developed to control all steps of the delivery process. TRM IoT is used to control the functioning of the installed GPS equipment.

It is a powerful tracking solution that allows users to manage and improve their fleet operations and achieve a tailored monitoring solution.

Our software is a Total Registry Management solution aimed at providing our clients with a 360° overview and the necessary functionality as it can be integrated with other tracking platforms such as Wialon.

We offer our clients a complete supply chain visibility and total control of IoT devices and applications though the three TRM System modules:
T1 Shipping
T2 Delivery
IoT Internet of Things
• T1 Shipping: This module is focused on those who monitor long distance travels and first mile logistics. It allows users to perform a complete monitoring activity from the start of the transportation until its end.
• T2 Delivery: This module allows users to monitor the entire delivery process from a departure from the distribution center until product distribution in supermarkets and home delivery.
• IoT Internet of Things: Via this module and the TRM Mobile, users can monitor and gain total control of all their IoT devices and applications with any hand-held device.


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